Chocolate Cake

13 07 2011

Chocolate Cake

Chocolate Cake is one of the easiest recipes to do and does not come with extra surprises that you may find in a coffee shop Chocolate Cake (like Jam). This recipe tells you how to make a Simple Chocolate Cake that is just Chocolate and no hidden extras (like Jam).


6 oz. Self-Raising Flour   6 oz. Margarine                

1 oz. Cocoa         6 oz. Caster Sugar           

3 Eggs


Pre-heat the oven to Gas Mark 4/5 I usually put it in the middle (if you don’t have a Gas Mark Oven……….). Weigh out your ingredients into a large-ish bowl, you can sieve your flower into the bowl but I usually don’t.  Then using an electric whisk mix the ingredients together, start on a slow speed and then go at Full Speed. Then when the ingredients are mixed together stop the whisk and then using a knife scrape off the mixture from the walls of the bowl and into the main mixture. Then use your whisk again at Full Speed (Muhahahaha) and make sure that all the mixture is completely mixed in.

Chocolate Cake Mixture

Put the mixture to one side and Grease 2 cake tins (short in Height but wide in Diameter). I prefer to use margarine, put a dollop of margarine in the tins and then use some kitchen roll to spread it around the tin until the whole tin is covered (LIGHTLY), and then repeat for the second tin. Then pour the mixture evenly into both tins, then spread out with a knife. Put your tins on the top shelf of your oven and cook for 30 Minutes, and then lick the bowl.

Cake Tins

After 30 Minutes take the tins out of the oven and use a skewer to test if they are ready. Basically put the skewer in the cake and take it out, if it comes out clean your cake is ready, if it is not clean it is not ready, put it back in the oven for a few more minutes then test it again. When your cake is ready give it a few minutes to cool down and then remove the cakes from the tins and put them on a cooling rack to cool down (obviously). Your cake is now ready for some icing.

2 Cake Halves



4 oz. Margarine                 8 oz. Icing Sugar

1 oz. Cocoa


Weigh out your icing sugar and cocoa into a jug (it helps when mixing the sugar), put no more than 1 oz. of Cocoa in the mixture (if you put in 0.4/0.5 oz. you can make it look nice and light – almost like coffee). Separately weigh out you margarine and put it into a (different) mixing bowl. Mash up your margarine with a fork until it is nice and soft. Then pour some (not all) of your icing sugar and cocoa into your margarine bowl and mix it round with a wooden spoon. Continue to do this until all the icing sugar is mixed in.

Icing Mixture

Then take one cake (one tin) of your two-part cake and put a big dollop of icing on it and then spread it around with a knife or spoon. The put the other cake and put that cake on top of the cake with icing. Then add the remaining icing to that cake remembering to spread it around evenly. Once that is done tidy the cake edges by removing excess icing from the edges just so it does not drip all over the place and then lick the icing bowl.

Cake Icing

Finally you can either leave the cake alone or decorate it with Chocolate Sweets, Hundreds and Thousands, Coconut (not a whole one) or with just Icing Sugar through a sieve like I did. Your cake is now ready to eat.

Chocolate Cake





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