It Came From The Train – Super 8

10 08 2011

How long have you waited for a film to come out? I have waited years for films to be released and I am still waiting for some: District 10, Cloverfield 2, Batman 3 and even though it is going to be 2014 when it is released I am still waiting for the next Japanese Godzilla Film. Well I have also been waiting for a very long time for Super 8 to be released. I first heard about it when I was trying to find out information for Cloverfield 2 and this trailer was talked about which I immediately looked at (this was either late 2009 or early 2010, so I have known about this film for a very long time) and it did have a Cloverfield look about it but apparently it was not related. I liked the look of the trailer and I have been excited about the film for a long time.

The film was created by the intriguing mind of J. J. Abrams who is one of the biggest geniuses of both film and television who has created some of the most extraordinary (and confusing) television shows like Alias, Fringe and Lost. More recently he has been making lots of amazing films like the recent Star Trek film, Cloverfield and now Super 8. The film was produced by Steven Spielberg who does not need an introduction but I am going to make one in case there are still some people who have not heard about him. Steven Spielberg is one of the most successful directors in the world of cinema with many popular films like Jurassic Park and Jaws. With Super 8 there is a bit of an E.T. feel about it which is probably one of the reasons why Spielberg decided to do it. Spielberg has also been the producer for several recent films including the Transformers Films. J. J. Abrams is now tipped to be Spielberg’s successor so you need to wonder, if Super 8 is Abrams E.T. then what are his Jaws and Jurassic Park going to be?

Super 8 starts out with a scene after a funeral where a boy’s mother has died and he (is called Joe) is on the swings, as usual in these kind of scenes the father does not really notice the son. Four months later he is with his friends trying to make a movie and they get a girl involved called Alice. When filming the scene at a train station a train de-rails and the children run for cover. They search the wreckage while a camera the boys have films the whole event. Joe sees a door fly off the train as if somebody was inside. They find lots of plastic Rubik’s Cubes and Joe takes one. Then a man who was driving the truck which caused the train to de-rail threatens the children to keep quiet about it. They run away as the army arrive.

The children talk more about the film they are making and only Joe wants to talk about the crash. A bit of a relationship begins to grow between Joe and Alice. Meanwhile several odd events begin to happen including dogs running away, car engines being stolen and people disappearing. While all this is going on the army is removing stuff from the crashed train and putting it in boxes, the local police deputy (Joe’s Father) tries to find out what’s going on while trying to look after his son.

Alice’s drunk father then gets really mad at her and she runs away, he chases after her and crashes, he then notices a creature kidnap Alice. The army lock the deputy away when he starts asking questions and plan an operation to get rid of the evidence by starting a forest fire nearby and evacuating the town. Joe finds out that the creature took Alice so he and his friends go back into the town to get information from a science teacher who was the one who crashed the train. He formerly worked for the army as a biologist who was working with a department when a UFO crashed on the planet. The creature only wanted to rebuild his ship but the Americans (once again) wanted to use the technology for other purposes and said no and kept the creature prisoner. The scientist made a telepathic bond with the creature and found out it wanted to go home. So he crashes the train to release the creature.

The army then find the children and take them to the evacuation zone. The Deputy escapes from the army and then finds Alice’s dad and they go searching for their children. On the way to the evacuation zone the bus carrying the boys is attacked by the creature and the boys manage to escape. They then go into town when problems happen all over the place when military equipment starts going off for no apparent reason. Joe and one of his friends find the creature underground and Alice, they also discover that the creature eats people. Joe’s friend distracts the creature while Joe rescues Alice. They try to escape but the creature catches them and grabs Joe. At that moment Joe talks to the creature and the creature understands him and Joe understand the creature. The creature lets them go and returns to finish his spaceship. Joe and Alice see metallic objects begin to attach to the Water tower. The Deputy and Alice’s Father find their children and hug them. They then watch as the Water Tower becomes the spaceship and then flies off into the night as Joe and Alice watch.

Super 8 is hard to describe in easy form because there are many different ways to explain it. It is a combination of Alien film, Disaster, Action, Love and Monster movie. The effects were very good with many things looking both odd and amazing. The train crash scene is amazing with bits flying all over the place and huge explosions, think of it like if it was Unstoppable but the train crashed.

The creature is one really clever piece of effects. The idea is that you see the creature but not very clearly. So it does not spoil the creature early on, it’s not until the last few scenes you actually see the creature clearly. There are also good effects from something I call dark lighting. Lighting which is so dark it’s hard to see anything and this helps the night scenes but also when you see something behind the characters but it is so blurry you still can’t clearly see it and it brings mystery to it and guess-work at wondering what the creature looks like, I like that. Not to spoil the story or anything but I do think the creature does have a Cloverfield look about it, it looks like the Cloverfield monster in a way but it’s hard to see a good clear image of the monster in Cloverfield so you may have trouble with that.

It was good to see it in 2D; there was no need for 3D with this film because you felt the fear and terror the film was portraying (I remember I was shivering at one point). 3D probably would not have helped in anyway; a 4D film might with shaking chairs and stuff (there is a 4D cinema at Blackpool Pleasure Beach) but watch it in 2D because it is amazing to see in 2D and is also cheaper to watch as well. Is there a 3D version of Super 8 at all?

With an excellent range of characters and a Mysterious Creature Super 8 is an incredibly enjoyable film. If you are a fan of Sci-Fi you will enjoy this but more than likely anyone who wants to watch an enjoyable film will enjoy Super 8. Super 8 has an E.T. feel about it but has other cinema experiences to it than E.T. does (like train crashes and Monsters). Super 8 is a good film to add to J. J. Abrams catalogue and is one of my favourite films this year. It currently stands at joint second with THOR. Super 8 is an amazing piece of story and imagination and is not only one of the Summers Best Films but one of the Best films in 2011.

Next week there is a bonus film review relating to Super 8. So it is probably a good idea to watch Super 8 if you have not seen it already.




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