Pretty Good For 5 Minutes – The Case

17 08 2011

Have you watched Super 8 yet? Well if you have not there is (SPOILER ALERT) an extra film in the credits. In Super 8 the children in the main roles make a film for a Film Festival. Well in the films credits you can see the finished film. The film stars the children from Super 8 and was made by them so I am not going to bother mentioning their names.

The film involves a detective who is investigating the murder. He goes to the building of a company and meets the president (of the company). He then goes to check out one of the building’s and gets attacked by a zombie. After defeating the zombie he tries to get his wife to leave the area. While talking to each other at a train station a passing train de-rails and explodes. They both manage to survive the train incident and are then attacked by a zombie the next day. He finds out from an army man that an air force officer has killed himself and he apparently worked for a scientist. He goes to talk with the scientist who turns out to be the one who created the virus to turn people into zombies, the scientist has created a cure but only has enough for one zombie; he is then attacked by a zombie, then he becomes a zombie and is then killed by the detective. When the detective returns home he is attacked by his wife who has turned into a zombie. He uses the cure on her and she returns to normal. The film ends with the film’s director talking about the production of the film before he is attacked by a zombie.

For a short 5 minute film it is very enjoyable. The film has got some really spectacular special effects and it is a great wind down after you have watched the film that came before it (Super 8).




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