Fairground Questions – Waltzers

8 09 2011

This past weekend the Fun Fair returned to Ryelands Park in Lancaster. This is one of my favourite events of the year and has been for almost 20 years now. Every year Taylor’s Amusements provides many brilliant and wonderful rides. This year there was not much variety in the rides and some of my all-time favourites like Thriller Express and Twister did not make an appearance (even though there was a version of a twister but not as good as the proper twister). It was also a very wet weekend and not many people came out resulting in the fair closing down at an earlier time. However the rides that I went on were fun nonetheless.

Twister (The Proper One)

It was when I was on the Waltzer ride and stroking my beard that a question popped into my head. Who was the first person to think “Those cars are not spinning as fast as they could be going, I am going to stand on the ride and spin them round really fast making the ride more exciting”. Now before I talk about that in detail some of you may be unsure of what a Waltzer ride is so here is a quick explanation:

A Waltzer is a fairground ride that consists of a number of cars which are free to spin individually while rotating around a central point like a carousel. The floor of the ride is not flat and the cars rise and fall gently as the ride spins, the weight of the riders causing each car to rotate.

The Waltzer is a fun ride and I usually only ride it once because it is quite intense and so one time is usually enough however this past year I went on it twice. Anyway back to the question. Who was the first person to get on a Waltzer and spin the cars round? Now I am not talking about the teenagers who hang around the Waltzer and don’t ride it I am talking about the people who are walking around the ride and making the cars spin. Was it part of the rides design that potential people could walk around it and spin the cars to make the ride more exciting or are they robots designed to be a part of the ride?

Maybe the people who work on Waltzers are just regular people who work for the fair and do it for a job (I wonder how well paid a job on a Waltzer is). Maybe you have to be fully qualified at Waltzer spinning to pass a University degree in Fun Fair Management.

The Waltzer is a fun ride and the people who make them spin are doing a brilliant job at making the ride more exciting. Who knows who the first person was to get on a Waltzer and spin the cars more but it is a good thing they did because without these people it may not be as exciting.




2 responses

10 06 2016
Big k

It’s not that hard to be honest! We’re not robots. Pay is crap – now I do it for fun!!!

11 06 2016

Cool, thank you for your insight. DO you need to fill out hundreds of health and safety forms before hand, or do you just do it?

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