Movie Marathons: The New Olympic Sport

26 10 2011

Olympic Flag

I have already created the Idea of Christmas Crackers being a possible Olympic Sport and now (after spending a while on the Daily post looking for an idea for this week’s post) I have created the Movie Marathon Event.

The Idea of it is very simple, each country chooses it’s entrant into the event. All entrants are then placed in a Cinema together and have to watch Movie Marathons (a whole series of film’s shown in sequential order). So they have to watch an entire film series in order and keep watching films until only one athlete is still awake. Yes it is a sport at who is the best person at staying awake watching films. So Gold for whoever is the last person awake, Silver for the last person to fall asleep and Bronze for the person who fell asleep before the last person. Also to make it fair and stop people from falling asleep for a bit then wake up again, when an athlete falls asleep they will be forced to leave.

Die Another Day (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer - 2002)

There are many film series in the world so it may be a good idea to choose series with lots of film in it. So, Guess what it is – that’s right, all 29 Godzilla Films. Each one is about 1 Hour and a half to 2 Hours so that is a long time. Also I do fancy the idea of watching all 29 Godzilla Films in sequential order. That’s sounds like a Great Day (OK there are other film series but that is the one I would prefer).

I mean you could watch all 22 James Bond Films, all 8 Star Wars Films or all 3 Transformers Films. Of course if people are still awake after a film series is finished then another one will be played and this will continue until 1 person is awake.

So, what do you think of this new Olympic sport and do you think you could be an Olympic Gold Medallist? Who knows, maybe one day it will become an Olympic Event.


Blackadder is a Spy – Johnny English

19 10 2011

It’s quite interesting knowing about secret agents. The fact that they are supposed to be secret yet their Headquarters on the Thames can easily be seen and is a tourist attraction for anyone who passes it. Spies in movies are not very secret as they go about their job. Somehow every mission involves them killing people and having a chase scene of some kind in their big fancy car. “You see, a spy who breaks into an enemy base and kills everyone isn’t a very good spy,  any monkey can kill with a gun if it’s a very bad monkey” (Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw, Game Damage Trailer). Well I suppose for the benefit for the film it has to be interesting because a film about someone doing paperwork will not be as good but will still get millions of awards. I am not saying Spy films are bad, I enjoy them a lot (in fact the Bond films before Daniel Craig were proper bond films and are still the best Bond films).  But every now and again it is good to see something different, a year ago SALT (not technically a spy film but it’s along the same lines) was released and was one of my top 5 films of 2010 and in 2003 Johnny English was released.

I was trying very hard to figure out how to review this and to be honest I can only describe what happens until about half way through and then it is very easy to explain.

Johnny English (played by Blackadder star Rowan Atkinson) is a man who works for MI7 (hahahahaha) and as suggested by several references is probably an ex spy who is now in charge of the car park. After all the other MI7 agents are killed he is asked to continue the job of preventing the crown jewels being stolen. English is more of a traditionalist and prefers the old ways of spying including pens with darts in them (hahahahaha). While trying to stop the crown jewels being stolen he runs into Lorna Campbell (Neighbours star Natalie Imbruglia). He then starts talking about the French host for the evening Pascal Sauvage (Con Air star John Cyrus the Virus Malkovich). Eventually everything goes dark and English pretends to fight an assailant (hahahahaha) and then discovers that the crown jewels have been stolen.

He gives a description of the assailant (hahahahaha) and then goes to look at the crime scene. A chase scene begins with English and his assistant Bough (Armstrong and Miller star Ben Miller) chasing them in a flatbed truck with an Aston Martin on it. After chasing them round London for a bit and blowing up a speed camera (hahahahaha) English arrives at a funeral after chasing the wrong hearse, he then proceeds to upset a funeral before Bough arrives to get him out of their claiming that English is called Gunter and is a Lunatic (hahahahaha).  

After finding out who the hearse drivers work for English is told to stay away from Sauvage by Pegasus (V for Vendetta Star Tim Pigott-Smith). English and Bough fight one of the Hearse drivers in the car park and then attempt to land on Sauvage’s building. Bough lands on the correct one while English lands on a different one and causes trouble inside a hospital ward (hahahahaha).

The 2 of them finally meet in the correct building and find out the evil plans of Pascal Sauvage to take over the country. English gives one of the hearse drivers muscle relaxant and accidentally gets some himself causing the 2 to fall on the floor in the films funniest scene (hahahahaha). English then arrives at a party run by Sauvage and attempts to dance with string quartet BOND playing one of the films themes in the background (hahahahaha).  English gets caught by Pegasus and is told to go home. Sauvage forces the Queen to abdicate the throne when one of the queen’s corgis is held at gun point. Lorna Campbell (who turns out to be an Interpol Agent) is given the case of spying on Sauvage and gets English to help her find out what Sauvage’s grand plan is. Together they go to France and after climbing up a toilet shoot (hahahahaha) English and Campbell (who went up the ladder) find out Sauvage’s grand plan is to turn Britain into the world largest prison. After getting caught English and Campbell escape with help from Bough.

Sauvage is about to be crowned King of England when English interrupts. After trying to prove that the Archbishop of Canterbury is a fake he then plays what he thinks is the DVD of Sauvage’s plan, instead a DVD is played of English dancing in the bathroom. English then tries to evade capture from the authorities and steals the crown from the Archbishop. Sauvage reveals that he has a Gun and forces the Archbishop to crown him. English loses the crown and just as Sauvage is about to be crowned, English falls on Sauvage causing the crown to go on English’s head and becoming the new King of England. The authorities arrest Sauvage and the Queen of England returns to the throne and give English a Knighthood. English and Campbell travel to the south of France and just before they kiss English sits on the Eject button in his car causing Lorna to eject from the car (hahahahaha).

During the film’s credits Lorna lands in a nearby swimming pool where Bough is on Holiday and the Assailant described by English earlier in the film is reading a Newspaper.

The film has lots of Funny Sequences in it. The film also contains references to Bond Films such as the name of the organization MI7 (not MI6) and an opening music piece like at the beginning of Bond Films. There is also a mention of the word Bond as in the String Quartet BOND. I would like to point out though that One Canada Square is the only building in Canary Wharf to have a pyramid-shaped roof, so in the real world it would be a lot easier to land on it and not land on the wrong building. The films theme is very good and is probably the only time that I have liked music performed by Robbie Williams.

The film is really funny and also really enjoyable with a good cast of actors. Rowan Atkinson’s character is as good as all his Comedy Characters. It’s hard to say much more on it than it’s really funny and fun to watch. If you like to laugh then you will probably enjoy this film.


Your Choice 3: Happy or Sad

12 10 2011

Happy or Sad

Some of you may remember that last year I let you choose which 1 of 4 films (that I did not want to see) I would review. The film chosen was High School Musical. Then I did another one where I let you choose 1 of 7 Monster Movies and then I would review that aswell. Both The Host and Cloverfield were chosen and so I reviewed them in June aswell as 3 other monster movies including the Best Film in the world. Well it has been about a year since I first did it and so I thought I would let you do the same again but with a difference.

This time it is Happy or Sad. I have chosen 4 films and it is up to you to decide which one I do (I will probably do the review in February again or maybe even January). Now you may be wondering what I mean by Happy or Sad. Well I have chosen 2 films that I have seen and really enjoy as well as 2 films that I have seen and don’t want to see (So you can vote to make me either Happy or Sad). Here is the choice of films you can choose from, we will start with the Sad ones first.

Sad Films

Slumdog Millionaire is a 2008 British Film which Won several Awards and appeared in the first Your Choice Poll last year. However it came 3rd in last years poll losing to both The Shawshank Redemption and High School Musical. I don’t want to watch it because I think it looks both Boring and Rubbish.

Forest Gump is a 1994 Film starring Tom Hanks. Forest Gump appeared alongside Slumdog Millionaire in last year’s poll and came in 4th place. I have seen some clips of this film and it did look rather confusing and it also looked Boring.

Happy Films

X-MEN 2 is a 2003 superhero film involving the characters of the X-Men comic and it is the sequel to the 2000 Film X-Men. Not only is it the best film in the X-Men Film Series but I think it is also the Best Marvel Film. If you have recently seen X-Men First Class and not any films of the original trilogy it is time that you do see them because you will understand First Class a whole lot more if you know something about the characters. X-Men 2 is a good starting point and you don’t need to watch the first film to get an understanding of what is going on.

District 9 is a 2009 Sci-fi Action film about an alien ship in the sky above Johannesburg and aliens are living in the city in an area called District 9. The film was directed by Neill Blomkamp and Produced by Peter Jackson. The film was based on a short film that Blomkamp made called Alive in Joburg. District 9 was nominated for several awards including the Oscar for Best Picture and won several awards including an Oscar for best Adapted Screenplay. District 9 was one of my top 3 favourite films of 2009 along with Sherlock Holmes and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

Well there are the films you can vote for so now it is up to you which ones get voted for. You can vote only once so make sure you make the right decision. Also I have randomized the order they appear in so you will need to make sure you have ticked the right one as well. When you have chosen simply click the Vote button. You have until Midnight December 31st 2011 (New Year’s Eve) to vote and the film will be reviewed in February (or maybe even January). The Choice is Yours.


Southport Fireworks 2011 – Photos

7 10 2011

If you read my post earlier this week you will know that I went to Southport to see The British Musical Firework Championships 2011. I thought as a special treat I would load up some photos I took from the event for you to enjoy.


British Musical Firework Championships 2011

5 10 2011

British Musical and Fireworks Championship 2011

This past weekend I went to Southport with my Mam to see the British Musical Firework Championships. I have been going to see these shows for quite a few years now (except last year because I was unable to go) and every year several large companies who specialize in firework demonstrations go to Southport in the hope of becoming the British Champions.

Southport Fireworks 2011

From Friday to Sunday there are many demonstrations (one from each company) as they put on a firework display and show it in time with music and a judging panel decide who has the best display. Now I only went on Saturday like every year so I did not see Friday’s and Sunday’s but the ones I saw on Saturday were Fantastic.

Southport Fireworks 2011

The show started with Komodo Fireworks. Komodo used many fireworks which did not explode and used them primarily for the beginning of their performance. The music ranged from mythical sounding music (which relates to their name – Komodo Dragon) but they also used a piece of dance music which sounds like French ballroom dancing music and several small explosions were in time with this music. They also used a piece of music which I have heard in several Asian voiced films like Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and The House of Flying Daggers (well I hear it in TV adverts and trailers related to those films). The performance came to an unfinished end when a fire had started where the fireworks are launched and that was the end of the routine which was quite a shame because I was quite enjoying it. Overall it was a nice performance and very enjoyable.

Komodo Fireworks Display

Next up was Walk The Plank Fireworks. For most of the early parts of the display they used slow music but this eventually picked up in pace. They also used more and larger exploding fireworks than Komodo and they also used fire on the stage (this was on purpose because they use it in their display’s) unfortunately we could only see a glimpse of the fire because there were some trees in the way. Walk the plank were able to finish their performance and overall it was my favourite from the night.

Walk The Plank Display

Finally the night finished off with Vulcan Fireworks. For their performance they used music from the band Queen (Mam thought it was all from the musical). This gave a rocky sound to the presentation. I particularly enjoyed it when the used a bit of the song Flash particularly when the Guitar Riff kicked in and the big Fireworks came out. I was hoping that they might use Stone Cold Crazy particularly the one that James Hetfield sang but they did not. They also used a lot of Big Fireworks like Walk the plank. Overall I enjoyed this one and it was my Mam’s favourite display. It also impressed the judges and came second in the whole competition beating Star Fireworks who were on Sunday and were beaten by Pyrotex Fireworx.

Vulcan Fireworks Display

The whole event was amazing as usual and a lot of fun to watch. I always enjoy the fireworks and in my opinion they are the best fireworks displays in the world because when you time them to the music they become more interesting and more fun. It is one of my favourite events of the year and it is held in one of my favourite places in Great Britain, Southport. I did think on the night that it would be interesting to see someone time fireworks with Through The Fire And Flames by DragonForce.

Southport Fireworks 2011

It’s a shame Komodo Fireworks did not get to finish but what they did show along with Walk The Plank and Vulcan Fireworks was Fantastic and it is going to be interesting what happens next year.

Southport Fireworks 2011


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