Movie Marathons: The New Olympic Sport

26 10 2011

Olympic Flag

I have already created the Idea of Christmas Crackers being a possible Olympic Sport and now (after spending a while on the Daily post looking for an idea for this week’s post) I have created the Movie Marathon Event.

The Idea of it is very simple, each country chooses it’s entrant into the event. All entrants are then placed in a Cinema together and have to watch Movie Marathons (a whole series of film’s shown in sequential order). So they have to watch an entire film series in order and keep watching films until only one athlete is still awake. Yes it is a sport at who is the best person at staying awake watching films. So Gold for whoever is the last person awake, Silver for the last person to fall asleep and Bronze for the person who fell asleep before the last person. Also to make it fair and stop people from falling asleep for a bit then wake up again, when an athlete falls asleep they will be forced to leave.

Die Another Day (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer - 2002)

There are many film series in the world so it may be a good idea to choose series with lots of film in it. So, Guess what it is – that’s right, all 29 Godzilla Films. Each one is about 1 Hour and a half to 2 Hours so that is a long time. Also I do fancy the idea of watching all 29 Godzilla Films in sequential order. That’s sounds like a Great Day (OK there are other film series but that is the one I would prefer).

I mean you could watch all 22 James Bond Films, all 8 Star Wars Films or all 3 Transformers Films. Of course if people are still awake after a film series is finished then another one will be played and this will continue until 1 person is awake.

So, what do you think of this new Olympic sport and do you think you could be an Olympic Gold Medallist? Who knows, maybe one day it will become an Olympic Event.




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