Blackadder Is A Spy The Second – Johnny English Reborn

25 11 2011

In the history of my Blog I have not done a sequel Review. While I have done both Batman Begins and The Dark Knight I did The Dark Knight first. I have also done Godzilla vs King Ghidorah and Godzilla, Mothra and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All Out Attack and while Godzilla vs King Ghidorah was made first Godzilla, Mothra and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All Out Attack was made 6 or 7 films later. So this is a first. Two film reviews chronological order of when they were made. Last Month it was Johnny English. This Month it is Johnny English Reborn (or Johnny English 2).

It has been Seven Years since the first film and the film almost replicates this by having the film set 5 years after an incident where Johnny messed up. A lot has changed in the film but the biggest change is the cast. Only one person from the original is still in it and that is Rowan Atkinson. The cast includes James Bond Girl Rosamund Pike, X-Files Star Gillian Anderson, The Wire Star Dominic West, Torchwood Star Burn Gorman, West Wing Star Richard Schiff and Blackadder Star Tim McInnerny (Darling). The film has a different tone to it than its predecessor. It has the idea of English trying to be a spy where as in the first film he was a spy although not a very good one. The several times in the film that it is trying to be a spy film and not a comedy so it is hard to get into but when the big jokes start you can’t stop laughing.

The beginning of the film shows English living with Tibetan Monks trying to forget an incident in Mozambique and training with the monks. This scene looks similar to both the training scenes in Batman Begins and early scenes in Hot Shots! Part Deux (which Rowan Atkinson did star in). English is eventually told to go back and work for MI7 which is now owned by Toshiba (hahahahaha). He is sent on a mission with another agent called Tucker (Skins Star Daniel Kaluuya) to China so they can meet up with an informant and possessor of 1 of 3 keys to a secret weapon. Before heading off to China they get some Gadgets from Darling (I did wish that Darling would get said in this film) and a voice activated Rolls Royce. The contact is killed by a cleaner and English chases one of the people working for the evil gang known as Vortex all over Hong Kong in a funny scene (hahahahaha).

While accidentally attacking Pegasus’s mother thinking it was the killer cleaner an MI7 psychologist thinks he may be telling the truth that what happened in Mozambique may not be entirely his fault and is able to help English identify the second member of Vortex. English and Tucker go to a Golf Club and talk to a Russian Guy who maybe the other guy who is then shot by the killer cleaner. They take him to a hospital in a helicopter with some impressive helicopter flying (hahahahaha) and also a reference to one of the adverts which inspired the Johnny English film in the first place (hahahahaha). The Russian dies but gives English another key and tells him that there is a mole in MI7 which English hears as vole and tucker tells him mole and so English thinks there is both a vole and a mole in MI7.

English goes to speak with another MI7 agent called Simon (the bloke from The Wire) and talks to him about the keys and tucker discovers that Simon is the Mole and English does not believe him. He gives Simon the keys and Simon then tells Pegasus that English is the third guy in Vortex, setting him up. English then runs from MI7 throughout London in Darling’s Wheelchair (hahahahaha). He goes to the psychologist’s flat and they have a Takeaway and find out what the secret weapon is, a mind controlling drug, the same thing was used in Mozambique. The psychologist and Simon go to Switzerland for the negotiations with the Chinese Premier (who the bad guys want to kill) and English is attacked in the psychologists flat by the killer cleaner. English escapes to Tuckers house and gets his help and together they go to Switzerland to stop the evil plan.

When they get there they try to get into the cable car station using a hook. English mistakes a device thinking it is the mechanism used with the hook and it is actually a distress beacon as loud as a panic alarm or smoke alarm. All the guards can hear this and set out to capture them. English and Tucker hide the beacon in the snow and it then fire’s off a flare showing the guards where they are (hahahahahahahahahaha, funniest scene). English asks Tucker to capture him so they can get into the base. They get into the base and find out that Simon plans to use Pegasus as the killer and give her the drug but they give it to English instead. English uses the lipstick gun originally meant for Pegasus and tries to shoot the Chinese Premier. English’s mind training comes into effect and tries to stop himself. Tucker manages to cut the signal communicating with English. Simon shouts at the microphone but reveals himself as the actual villain because Tucker changed the output device to the speakers. He also manages to stop English by making him dance to Word Up by Cameo. English dies from the drug but is brought back to life by a combination of the psychologist kissing him and his monk training. English chases after Simon in the cable car and finally kills him with a rocket launcher umbrella.

English is given his Knighthood back by the Queen but it turns out that the Queen is the killer cleaner in disguise. He chases after her and thinks he has captured her and starts beating her up. Some agents enter the room with the killer cleaner and English discovers that he is beating up the real Queen.

In the credits English is shown cooking the Takeaway at the psychologists flat to the tune of In The Hall Of The Mountain King.

Johnny English Reborn is an enjoyably Funny film but it is not as good as the first. It is trying to be a spy film instead of a funny film with a spy story. If it was like the first in story and how it was presented it may have been better. Also what happened to the Good Opening Theme of the original. The cast is an interesting mix of characters and you will be going through the film thinking wasn’t she in or isn’t he. Overall it is a Fun film but it could have been better but don’t let that put you off from seeing it. If you like to laugh there are points in this film where you won’t be able to stop. 


Forget Lady Ga Ga, Black Sabbath Are Back

18 11 2011

Black Sabbath

That’s right, The Greatest Heavy Metal Band are Back.

Last Friday many things happened including the release of Immortals and the latest Elder Scrolls game was released. This is better than both of those put together. They have influenced many of the greatest bands in the world; they were the pioneers of Heavy Metal and one of the most successful bands in the world. Now after 5 years since their last performance Black Sabbath have reunited. In the history of Heavy Metal there have been many different bands. Bands like Metallica, Motorhead and Saxon can all trace their roots back to Black Sabbath. Since they started the bands core members Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler and Bill Ward but over the course of many years the line-up has changed several times with Iommi being the only person who did not leave the band. In 1997 the band reunited as all 4 core members and carried on like this until 2006. During this time they were inducted into both the UK Music Hall Of Fame and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Now in 2011 all 4 core members are back and they have plans. Last Friday they appeared at Whiskey a Go Go for an announcement of their reunion presented by Henry Rollins. They appeared along with record produce Rick Rubin and announced a European tour in 2012 as well as appearing at the 2012 Download festival (Metallica is also going to be at the 2012 Festival – Metallica and Black Sabbath, can it get any better). The band also announced the first new album in 17 years which is expected to be released in 2012. Do I need to say anything other than Black Sabbath are back and now they are back I am really happy and really excited to hear them and maybe see them live. So Forget the X Factor, forget Lady Ga Ga and all other wannabe UK Bands because the Masters of Heavy Metal have returned and those other acts are not as Fantastic as Black Sabbath.


Godzilla News – Writers and Suits

11 11 2011

Godzilla (Final Wars)

You may remember that in July it was announced that David S. Goyer was doing the script for the New Legendary Pictures Godzilla Film. Well it has been reported by Godzilla2012 that Max Borenstein has been brought in to write the script. Borenstein is relatively new to films and has only written two screenplays (The Seventh Son and Swordswallowers and Thin Men). There has also been reports that TOHO has been monitoring production so that the film does not turn into the 1998 (RUBBISH AMERICAN NOT TECHNICALLY A GODZILLA FILM) Godzilla Film. It has also been reported that TOHO want a man in a suit instead of a CGI Monster. In my opinion that is great News because if it is a man in a suit it is already guaranteed it will be Good. As far as I know Gareth Edwards is still on board to direct the film.

With this news it looks like filming has yet to be started. We have heard news about writers and directors for a while now. As a (GIANT) fan of Godzilla I would like to see some more stuff a bit more often. Possibly a design for Godzilla and if there are any more news on another monster in the film and if so what will it be and what will it look like. I do think though that if you were going to make a series out of this American Film King Ghidorah should not appear in the first film. The first film should show people the Idea of Godzilla and then bring in the Big Guns later on in the series, at least that is my opinion.

King Ghidorah (Heisei)

With all this news it is clear that Legendary Pictures and TOHO are working on it. I don’t want to rush them in Production because it might lower the overall awesomeness of the film but I am really excited about the film and can’t wait to watch it.


Animal Puppets Return To Television

7 11 2011

Tonight sees the return of Mongrels to Television. Mongrels is a Comedy Puppet Show about a group of animals living in London. The show is the best puppet show on television since Roger and the Rottentrolls (over 10 years ago) and tonight it is the start of the 2nd series.

The show is made by puppeteer Andy Heath and Director Adam Miller. The two guys worked together on Ripley and Scuff (the Rubbish spin-off of Roger and the Rotten Trolls) and it was here where the Idea for Mongrels started. The 2 wanted to make an American styled comedy but with puppets. They wanted to achieve something similar to the Simpsons but with Puppets.

“We wanted to make something that had the pace of an American animation but with British sensibilities, that was adult, but not crude, that was based in the realities of the animal world, and that didn’t rely on the puppets to do the comedy.” – Adam Miller

Mongrels arrived on Television last year and was really funny. The show starred a Fox named Nelson, a Cat called Marion (my favourite character), Vince the Fox, Destiny the Hound and Kali the Pigeon. Nelson is a fox trying to be more than a fox and is always trying to be upper class. Vince is a fox but is also quite rude but all of his bad language is bleeped out (“adult, but not crude”). Destiny is a dog (possibly an Afghan hound) who acts a bit like a teenager/pop singer. Kali the pigeon is a villain type character. Marion the Cat is an extremely daft animal who is Nelson’s sidekick and is always doing something funny.

The show includes little sketches in between the main dialogue and scenes. Kind of like the clip scenes from Family guy. The show also contains celebrity appearances and a song during the show performed by the puppets, one of which appeared at this year’s BBC Proms.

Some of the adult humor can be really close to a step too far (and sometimes a bit offensive) but because the puppets are animals they can kind of get away with it. While the show does contain adult themes some of these elements are still pretty funny (with only a few pieces which are almost a step too far). The show is enjoyable to watch and has some really funny scenes but just be warned that it does have some Adult Themes. While it does contain adult themes the show as a whole is really good, with some really funny scenes and funny characters.

Watch Mongrels tonight at 22:30 on BBC Three (WARNING: Show Contains Adult Themes and Strong Language)


Great Chocolaty News

4 11 2011

Wispa Gold (2011 - Cadbury)

Yes that’s right; it’s a Great Chocolaty Time to be a fan of Chocolate

During the summer while I was at Roothill I did a talk on how Chocolate was better in the 90’s. It tasted better and it did not constantly ram in your face the fact that they “had no artificial flavours and colourings”. I also managed to get most of the audience to shout TUBES when I mentioned that Smarties used to come in a Tube.  These days the Cadbury Caramel is not as good as it used to be and some of the greatest Chocolate bars in the world no longer exist. Well, now they are making a comeback.

When I was younger my Mam recorded Ebirah, Horror of the Deep for me and during the advert breaks there was this advert with Griff Rhys Jones and Griff Rhys Jones talking to each other and mentioned a Caramel Putting In Machine. Well after so many great years of Chocolatey Greatness the Wispa Gold (and the Wispa Mint) suddenly disappeared. Then a few years ago the Wispa returned but the Wispa Gold (and the Wispa Mint) did not. If you were going to bring back the Wispa why not bring back the Gold (and the Mint). Well this year after so many years of no Wispa Gold (and “NO ARTIFICIAL FLAVOURS AND COLOURINGS” over and over and over and over and over again) The Wispa Gold has returned. One of the greatest Chocolate Bars of all time has returned and not only that, one of the greatest Ice-Creams has returned.

Caramel McFlurry (McDonalds)

When McDonalds released the Mcflurry about 10/11 years ago every year there was special editions and the best one was the Caramel Mcflurry. It was released as a special edition 2 years in a row but then it was not done again. This past week I discovered that the Caramel Mcflurry returned.

Now with this momentous occasion, a couple of questions get brought up. Will there finally be a Wispa Gold Mcflurry and with the Return of the Wispa Gold, will the Wispa Mint comeback as well? Well who knows but for the time being it is a great Chocolaty time to be a fan of Chocolate.


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