I Wrote A Monster Movie

2 12 2011

Monster Movie (M. C. Media - 2011)

If you are a frequent visitor to my blog you will now that I love Monster Movies and My favourites are the Godzilla Films. I also like films like The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms, Cloverfiled, Gamera and The Host. Well I have now written a Monster Movie. I don’t know if you have seen Arbitrary Stopframe. It is a series of videos by my Friend Matt and in the episodes several characters or creatures do funny things. well a few months ago I asked Matt if I could write an Episode. He said yes and so I wrote an episode about my favourite character from his video’s, Dr. MurKum. Murkum is a Lego man with a space helmet on him. I like this character because he actually has some characteristics about him which makes the character more interesting (like screaming). Well I sent off the script to Matt and about 2 months later (this past Wednesday) the video was uploaded onto YouTube.

The monster is very well made. My original idea was that the legs would be at the thin sides of the DVD case. However Matt’s design is a lot better because now it has a Mouth and it has extra bite from the DVD inside the box spinning. On Thursday he uploaded a second video which was the same video but it had a 1950’s effect to it. So it was black and white with the style of a Ray Harryhausen Film about it.

Matt is a Great Animator and it’s going to be fun to see what he does in the future. I would like to write some more episodes if i can because I have some really fun Ideas but for now he is putting the series on hold but I don’t think it will be too long before he brings out some more Fun Videos.




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3 12 2011
The Colclough

very glad you liked the episode!

30 12 2011
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