5 Years and Still Painful – Part 5

16 12 2011

Previously on 5 Years and Still Painful: I had dislocated my Knee-Cap and gone to Hospital, The Next day the Knee-Cap was Broken and I had been waiting for an Operation. A Day Later I had an operation and have had lots of tubes inserted into my body. I had to use a machine to bend my leg, I had to walk around using a Zimmer Frame and I left the Hospital after almost 2 weeks since the Accident. I then got some Crutches after Christmas. Continues

Walking Stick

First Recovery

Now that I was on Crutches things began to improve quickly, I went to town for the first time in a long while and it was a fun day out. I also picked up DVD’s of Escape From New York (a film I plan to review at some point but because it’s an awesome film the time has to be right to really plan it out) and the first series of The A-Team. Very soon I returned to college to continue my retail course.

As the leg began to heal more and more I started to lose support. First one crutch was taken away and then the other one was replaced by a walking stick. Eventually I could walk unsupported. I also had to go to the hospital less often and I no longer needed an ambulance. As things were beginning to improve one thought came creeping up. My physiotherapist Claire had told me that I needed another operation. Even though this was not for a few months the time kept coming closer and closer.

Eventually I did not need physiotherapy anymore and for the first time I was starting to enjoy some days at college. Because I had so much time off I had to repeat the year. So I did even though I did look into doing other stuff. In the second year I made more friends and enjoyed my time more. I was actually able to run and enjoy running for the first time in a long time. I also made a new friend at church called Lisulo and had a fun day with at the Morecambe Megazone in November. In December I got the Nintendo Wii, despite the fact it was going to be a Christmas present from my parents to me they let me keep it out and have fun with it but I left Red Steel for Christmas Day. Even though things were beginning to get better and better for me something was still on the horizon, the second operation. Then in late November I got the letter telling me when it was. The 18th of December. So I went and told everyone I knew at the time and told college when it was and said more time off was coming. 3 weeks after I got the letter it was the weekend before the operation.

So after months of pain and recovery things were looking up and then I had to have another operation.





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