Jurassic Park Explained In 1 Scene

27 01 2012

You know those questions people sometimes ask where they ask you or someone else to explain something in 1 word or 1 sentence. It can be quite tricky. There was an interesting report in an episode of Top Gear about parking cars (near where James May lives). It was one of those ones where you had to use a mobile phone to pay for your parking ticket. Part of the process involved describing the colour of your car in one word, obviously if it was a basic form of colour you would say something normal like Blue or Green. However if it was a bit more detailed like British Racing Green, what do you do?

So when it comes to films it may be quite hard. OK if the person is asking how Fantastic/Good/Bad/Terrible/Lord of the Rubbish the film is you could say something like Fantastic or Poor. However how do you explain the whole film. Now this Idea came to my head last week after I watched Jurassic Park 3 on ITV (one of the channels). How about choosing a scene from Jurassic Park and then showing that scene to someone who has not seen it before (but to be fair everyone should have seen it by now, even 5 year olds) and that scene would explain what the film is all about without giving too  much away. So here is my choice.

The Brachiosaurus scene is the scene I would choose. It is the first Dinosaur to appear and for its Great Size it is quite Gentle to the people standing a few metres away. The scene also has the Music by John Williams in the background which brings out the scene in a nice way. It is nice and it is gentle as well as sounding natural almost like the type of music you would use for a nature program about Dinosaurs. OK it  is the first complete view of a Dinosaur but technically the first Dinosaur is the Velociraptor at the start of the film but not too much is revealed and so it still contains a bit of mystery for the viewer of what the film is about (but is not a great description of the film at the same time, unless you think so otherwise).

This scene works better than others because some of the other scenes like the first appearance of the T-Rex does give a few things away and while the scene with the Triceratops is quite beautiful that too gives too much away and does not have the surprise that the Brachiosaurus scene has (it was quite nice to see the Triceratops moving in The Lost World: Jurassic Park). Now this is just my opinion on what I think is the best scene to describe Jurassic Park. Do you agree with me or do you think there is a better scene that describes Jurassic Park? Or can you think of 1 sentence or even 1 word to describe the film?


Iguanodon – 20 Years Before Dinosaurs

20 01 2012

I like Dinosaurs, since when I was very young I have had a huge Interest in some of God’s most Amazing Animals. While I do not believe in Evolution I do believe in the existence of Dinosaurs. There are thousands of skeletons around the world and some of these are related to skeletons already discovered and from this we have proof of Dinosaurs. Evolution is a pretty stupid Idea; How can something like Dimetrodon turn into Gorgonopsid or how can Ambulocetus turn into Basilosaurus (none of these creatures are Dinosaurs but show a Good Point in showing that Evolution is a load of Rubbish).  Over the years I have managed to gain knowledge to become (at least I think I am) an expert on these Fantastic Creatures. I have been wanting to do blog posts about them for a very long time and I am finally going to start.

Now if you are confused about the title I will explain with a quote from Wikipedia: “The discovery of Iguanodon has long been accompanied by a popular legend. The story goes that Gideon Mantell‘s wife, Mary Ann, discovered the first teeth of an Iguanodon in the strata of Tilgate Forest in Whitemans Green, Cuckfield, Sussex, England, in 1822 while her husband was visiting a patient. However, there is no evidence that Mantell took his wife with him while seeing patients. Furthermore, he admitted in 1851 that he himself had found the teeth. Not everyone agrees that the story is false, though”. So you can see that the creature was discovered in 1822. The word Dinosaur which means Terrible Lizard was created by Richard Owen in 1842. So the creature was discovered 20 years before a name was given to describe the creature, back then it was probably just a form of Reptile.

Iguanodon is also a tribute to the early days of paleontology and shows the inaccuracies that can occur with a newly discovered piece of history, in this case animals. When Iguanodon was first discovered and examined Mantell had an idea of what the creature looked like. It was a large animal that walked on all 4 legs and had a horn on its nose. In 1854 2 years after the death of Mantell Iguanodon sculptures were unveiled in Crystal Palace London along with many other sculptures of extinct species and these sculptures can still be seen to this day. However today the Iguanodon sculptures are inaccurate to later discoveries. Mantell believed that the creature may have had forelimbs like arms but died before he could look more into it and so the Crystal Palace sculptures based on his ideas and designs were shown as what the creature looked like and it stayed this way for a long time. It was not until the discovery of several skeletons in 1878 in Bernissart in Belgium that the idea of these creatures standing up was finally seen. The Horn was also discovered not to have been a horn at all but a Thumb Spike. The fossils discovered in Belgium were among some of the first complete Dinosaur Skeletons discovered. More recent idea’s suggest that the creature may have walked on 4 legs and ran on 2 legs. So there were inaccuracies when dinosaurs were first discovered but this was 171 years before the Velociraptor Inaccuracies in Jurassic Park.

Iguanodons were not just special for being some of the first dinosaur discoveries they are also special in their anatomy. It is a widely known fact that reptiles can’t chew. Unlike humans they can’t move their mouths around and so they have to gulp their food. Some reptiles have found ways around this like Crocodiles who do something called death rolling where they twist food to rip off small pieces of food and make it easier to digest. Some species eat stones so that when food enters the stomach it crushes the food. Iguanodon’s and species related to them like the duck-billed Dinosaurs had a battery of teeth in its mouth which helped it to crush up food and the design of its jaw enabled it to move its mouth from side to side enabling it to chew.

Iguanodon is one of the greatest discoveries in Paleontology, a Dinosaur before Dinosaurs were named and for a herbivore it is huge. Without Iguanodon there may not have been Dinosaurs at all because it was for this creature and a few other creatures that the word Dinosaur was created. Without the discovery of Iguanodon the world of paleontology would be a whole lot different.


Sam’s Rant – Fallout 3

14 01 2012

Before I start I would like to point out that I like playing Games and enjoy playing them. Yes, I don’t like the game all other gamers in the world like. You may wonder why, well the reason for that is IT IS TOOOOOOOOO DIFFICULT EVEN ON EASY MODE. I will explain this in more detail later. I really wanted to play this game when it first came out, it looked like fun. The idea of walking around a wasteland and all the things the game showed including a Giant Robot looked like so much fun. In 2010 I was coming home from college and I decided to buy a game. Now it was a difficult choice to make between Fallout 3 and Brϋtal Legend. I decided to go for Fallout 3 and by Brϋtal Legend later. I take it home and started playing it on my PS3.

The initial few levels were good fun inside the vault but then when you had to escape was difficult because you don’t have a decent weapon and people with Really Good Weapons are coming to kill you. After you escape you enter the bizarre wilderness and you walk around pointlessly for a bit until you find this nice small town where you can’t do anything you want to because you need to do jobs for people and don’t have any money: bottle caps. Yes somehow with no major government bottle caps are a form of legal tender. Perhaps you should find something completely pointless and use some major charm offensive and claim to someone it is worth millions of bottle caps. Well you end up doing jobs to get bottle caps. One of the first jobs I get is to go to a local super market and find out if there is anything there. Well I travel there and get attacked several times by some wild mutated Pigs/Dogs. I then get to the super market to discover there is a Giant Scorpion outside. I decide to use my BB Gun to try and shoot it but it only alerts it that I am in the area and it decides to come after me. So I try to deceive it thinking I am somewhere that I am not so I can go around it but somehow it is able to know exactly where I am and no matter what I do it keeps coming so I have nothing to do but to keep shooting at it with my pointless gun and then it kills me. It was at this point that I started to regret buying the game. So I go for an explore down to the riverside and then I get attacked again by some local people with spiked shoulder pads (so they must have been fans of the Road Warriors) and Good Weapons and then I think I got killed again. I then traded some supplies to get some better weapons but they don’t work because somebody thinks that Laser Guns work on batteries so I got killed some more by small Pigs/Dogs. So then I go back to the Super Market and meet a child who says his parents were attacked by Giant Ants and then I said I would help him but I did not get a chance to do so. Luckily the Giant Scorpion was not at the super market but inside were more local people so I avoid them and look in a box. I then go back to the small town and told the woman I checked the whole area just so I would not have to go back. I did some more jobs for her including making myself ill from radiation poisoning and I also had an explore around other places including a nearby empty school and after robbing everything I could find I decided to look through the town near the river to get to the next major objective but I ran into some more local people and a big Yellow Bloke. So I try to get away using a feature on my big green watch to get away but it won’t let me so I had to run away so it would let me do it. Then I decide to do the one thing I was most excited about doing which was blowing up the Nuke inside the town. I had to rig it up using a device and some drugs to make it possible for me to do it. I then had to travel to a nearby hotel to blow it up but on the way I got killed by another Pig/Dog and then I decided not play the game again and get rid of it. After months of trying to figure out how to get rid of it I finally trade it in and Get Brϋtal Legend instead which is a Much Better Game and not a Complete Waste of Time and Money.

There are a few things to like about Fallout 3 like The Robots, The 1920’s – 1940’s Music and………………………………………….. That’s about it really. So Yes, Fallout 3 is not as Fantastic as people were claiming it to be and if you want to play a Good Role Playing Game play Brϋtal Legend.


Second Place

6 01 2012

First 12 of 2012 Second Place

Well First 12 of 12 has finished and even though I aimed for First Place i am very happy on getting Second Place. It has been a lot of fun and also a lot of hard work. I started out with no posts but in just over 24 hours I had 7 and that put me into first place but then Hannah had to fly in and swoop victory. Oh Well, I will Win Next Time (I think I showed my hand too quickly). I have had amazing fun and some of the posts I have written are some of my favourite Posts I have done in the history of my Blog. I think the best one I did was Raging Bull and I did enjoying doing the 2012 Films, King Kong and Gamera.

Now I think it would be nice to choose which of my Competitors posts I like the Best:

Tim did a post about Music Composers and the thing I particularly liked about this was when I told him about Akira Ifukube and he may have put him in the list.

Hannah did a post about her Birthday Dance and it was nice when she talked about how important friendship is, and there was a nice picture as well.

Matt had one which had the RootHill DVD trailer on it. OK I took a brief look at it but out of the posts I read I liked this one a lot.

Well now it is over for this year and it has been fun. Thankyou to Matt for arranging it and hopefully do it again (and maybe ask me to get involved in future challenges) Next Year.



First 12 for 12: 12 – Finished

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Am I Winning this Challenge: Second Place, HURRAH

What is Gamera? (150th Post)

6 01 2012

To celebrate my 150th post I thought I would tell you all who Gamera is. Now I have mentioned him a few times and so now I think is a Good Time to explain further (I am not going to go too in depth because I also plan to do a Brief History of Gamera like I did for Godzilla). Gamera is a Cultural Icon in both the Monster Movie Gnre and Japanes Cinema. Created by a rival studio (Daiei) to TOHO they decided to create a rival to the Godzilla Film Series and tap into the Market. Gamera is a Giant Armoured Fire Breathing Flying Turtle. OK that sound like a mouthful.

In the Showa Series he was one of a species of Giant Turtle and after a Nuclear Blast in the Arctic which seems famillar wakes up and goes on a rampage in Japan. For the rest of the series he becomes a hero and saves japan from many giant monsters while also being the friend of Children (because he saved their lives quite a lot). Because of the children connection many Monster movies saw the introduction of children being included in their films. In the Heisei Series Gamera is now the Guardian of the Universe. He is now a more legendary creature who was created by Atlantis to destroy one of atlantis’s previous creations; Gyaos. This series is by far the Best and is finally able to compete with Godzilla in both Content and Effects. Director Shusuke Kaneko later went on to Direct a Godzilla Film. The Third Film in the trilogy is highly regarded by many as one of the Greatest Monster Films in the History of Cinema. In the Millenium Series only one film has been made so far and that one rebooted the origins story again by showing how a previous Gamera killed himself to kill a group Gyaos that were attacking a village. Then 33 years later a small boy finds a turtle egg and the turtle inside quickly grows to become Gamera.

Well you should now be more well informed o f who Gamera is. He has starred in 12 films and has fought many Giant Monsters but while there has not been a Gamera film for six years I don’t think it will be too long until he comes back to save the day. I mean Gamera’s 50th Birthday is coming, there needs to be some kind of celebration. Maybe one day the film will be made where he fights another Japanese Icon, Godzilla vs Gamera.



First 12 for 12: 11 – 1 to go

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