Happy or Sad Results: 2 Film Reviews

5 01 2012

Happy or Sad Results

You may remember a few months ago I gave you the choice of which Film I was going to review. The idea was that you could choose 1 of 4 films 2 of which I don’t want to see and 2 films I actually do like. Well The results are as follows:

Yes, you have decided to make me Sad and get me to watch Slumdog Millionaire. So sometime soon I will be reviewing that film. Now I was hoping to do one of the 2 Happy Films but I guess I will have to do them another time.

Now you may have noticed I said 2 Film Reviews. Well when I did the review of High School Musical I said to myself that I was only going to Review High School Musical 2 if I got 1000 Views in a Month. At the time I said this I was getting between 100 – 300 Views a month and so I did not think it was going to happen. Well December 2011 was the best month for my blog and I got 1196 Views. So to stay true to my word I Will review High School Musical 2 When I get the chance. I will Review High School Musical 3 when I get 10000 Views in a Month. Who knows maybe that will happen Next Year.

So Now you have 2 Film reviews to look forward to (that I may or may not enjoy, more likely not enjoy). Maybe next time I do a poll I might just choose films that I actually like, I already did that once before; I reviewed The Host and Cloverfield. Maybe I could do a Review of that Monster Movie I wrote. I suppose I could do a Poll with Just Godzilla Films in it. I’ll think about it.



First 12 for 12: 3 – 9 to go.

Last Book I Read: The Bible

Last TV show I watched: Hairy Bikers (I listened to it because the TV was behind me)

Latest Piece of Music I have heard: Saxon – Wheels of Steel

Last piece of Food I ate: Microwaveable Chocolate Pudding with After Eight Ice Cream

Main Colour of Clothing I am Wearing: Black

Web Pages that I have open: WordPress

Am I Winning this Challenge: Joint First at the moment




7 responses

5 01 2012

A review of Arbitrary Stopframe would be entertaining…

5 01 2012

I am thinking of doing it.

5 01 2012
The Colclough

oh dear. my commiserations. don’t know if it’ll make you feel any better, but i’m pretty sure i voted for X2 or District 9.

on the bright side, i usually enjoy reading scathing film reviews, so i expect your rants about Slumdog and especially HSM2 could make for some entertaining reading…

5 01 2012

Thankyou for the support

5 01 2012

HSM… I remember a time where I was slightly (read very) insane and bought the soundtrack….

5 01 2012


15 02 2012
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