King Kong vs King Kong 1976 vs King Kong 2005

6 01 2012

You may not know this but there has been 2 remakes of the original King Kong film. So on the eve of my 150th Post I thought I would pit them against one another and tell you which one is the best Starting with the film that has come in third place (I won’t go into too much detail because I don’t want to spoil future reveiws).

King Kong 2005. Now while this is a more direct remake it is the third place winner because of what has been done with the character. King Kong is more than just an Ape, he is a force of nature, he is not just an animal he stands for what nature can do when it is angry just like Godzilla. This film had Kong as more of an Ape and an animal and not the force of nature his character is supposed to be. The film’s effects are pretty Good but not as good as they could have been, they could have been Jurassic Park Effects but somewhere in production they decided to over do it.  Also the film is just far too long. OK Peter Jackson made it but it does not mean that the film had to be as long as Lord of the Rubbish. While it is a terrific film it could have been so much more than just a film, this is a remake of one of the great icons in film history but it has let the side down a bit. It is also a Good Point to make that the Woman is not supposed to fall in Love with the Creature.

King Kong (1933 Original). What many people consider as the best I consider the second best. The film has a normal sized feature lenght of about less than 2 hours so it is not as the 2005 Film. The film also features the Pioneering Work of StopMotion Animator Willis O’Brien. So with all these Pros why is it Second in my List, well Let me Explain.

King Kong 1976.  If you can take an Icon and place it in a more modern period and still make it work it is Fantastic and especially Fantastic if you can make the creature look Real and that is what Dino De Laurentiis has managed to do. While the 2005 film was a bit overdone this one was a block in a suit and when there is something standing there and you don’t need to over do your brain power it is a bonus and looks far more real than CGI and While I am a fan of StopMotion Animation I like it when there is a bit more fluidity in the movement of a creature and you get that with a suit. OK the Giant Animatronic Scenes were not as Good as the suit but the did give a perspective of Kong’s Size. Also the modern setting helps particularly when you have Kong Climb up the Twin Towers in New York. All of these reasons is why this Film is my Favourite King Kong Film.

Which King Kong is your Favourite?



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8 responses

6 01 2012

The thing that got me about the modern version was the appalling cgi T-rex fight. Naff didn’t do it justice.

6 01 2012

It just did not have the passion of the original.

6 01 2012
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6 01 2012
The Colclough

haven’t seen the 1976 one, but i’ve seen the other two. i absolutely agree that the 2005 one was far too long, a very sloppy and self-indulgent piece of filmmaking, and although i thought Kong himself looked impressive, some of the other effects were quite disappointing.

7 01 2012

Kong did not have the Anger in his face like his character is supposed to have.

12 09 2012
Bob Allen

I liked the 1976 version the best – it frighened me much more than 2005, which was too much CGI.

13 09 2012


28 09 2017
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