Second Place

6 01 2012

First 12 of 2012 Second Place

Well First 12 of 12 has finished and even though I aimed for First Place i am very happy on getting Second Place. It has been a lot of fun and also a lot of hard work. I started out with no posts but in just over 24 hours I had 7 and that put me into first place but then Hannah had to fly in and swoop victory. Oh Well, I will Win Next Time (I think I showed my hand too quickly). I have had amazing fun and some of the posts I have written are some of my favourite Posts I have done in the history of my Blog. I think the best one I did was Raging Bull and I did enjoying doing the 2012 Films, King Kong and Gamera.

Now I think it would be nice to choose which of my Competitors posts I like the Best:

Tim did a post about Music Composers and the thing I particularly liked about this was when I told him about Akira Ifukube and he may have put him in the list.

Hannah did a post about her Birthday Dance and it was nice when she talked about how important friendship is, and there was a nice picture as well.

Matt had one which had the RootHill DVD trailer on it. OK I took a brief look at it but out of the posts I read I liked this one a lot.

Well now it is over for this year and it has been fun. Thankyou to Matt for arranging it and hopefully do it again (and maybe ask me to get involved in future challenges) Next Year.



First 12 for 12: 12 – Finished

Last Book I Read: Pure

Last TV show I watched: Pointless (that is the name of the show)

Latest Piece of Music I have heard: New Order – True Faith (YouTube)

Last piece of Food I ate: Caramel Waffer

Main Colour of Clothing I am Wearing: Black

Web Pages that I have open: WordPress

Am I Winning this Challenge: Second Place, HURRAH




4 responses

6 01 2012
The Colclough

congratulations on your well-earned silver, Sam!

7 01 2012

It was hard work – but fun.

7 01 2012

I’ll be back… *evil cackle*

7 01 2012

Is that an attempt at trying to get a part in acting – Buffy the Vampire Slayer finished 9 years ago.

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