Trailers Of My Youth

6 01 2012

When I was about 10/11 II saw 2 movie trailers which tell a story. Now the movies of Course tell a story in them but when these films came out they were part of a craze that had gone global and the films showed how big the craze got and it’s staying power. Now in the past Video Game films don’t do very well at the Cinema but there are some which became financial success’s. However these 2 films are from the same series and are based on the animated series which came out of the craze so these films are more based on the animated series and not the Video Game. if you still have not worked out what I am talking about, well it is called Pokémon. the films in question are Pokémon 2000 and Pokémon 3: The Movie. Now even though there was a First Movie I don’t really remember a trailer so I am not going to talk about it – well not until my Review.

By far the best film in the series, Pokémon 2000 involved the story of trying to save the world from a man who tries to capture a rare Pokémon. In order to do this he must enrage and ancient legend to make it come out. Well the cast of the animated series save the day and the world with the help of Lugia (One of my Favourite Pokémon) . As you can see the title is 2000 which means the film came out in 1999. Yes it came out before the Millenium. I saw this at the Cinema with my Mam and when you went to see these films they always gave a Pokémon Card out and I remember getting 2 Mew Cards. However they need translating (and still do) before I can play them. A Very Fun film and one of the best Animated films I have seen.


Pokémon 3 is the last one I saw at the Cinema. It officially came out on Video first (Yes – Video) but then it was on one Saturday at the Kids Showing. Pokémon 3 is also the scariest of the ones I have seen. It involves the story of a little girl’s father disappearing and then she befriends creatures called Unown who make every wish come true.  The Cast of the Animated series come to save the day and have to compete with Entei (A Pokémon who the girl thinks is her dad) and the Unown. This one was very scary to watch even after I had seen it a few times but it has a Happy Ending. Still a Fun Film.

 These films show how a Craze went Global and tells a story of Cinema and Pokémon. and while these films are not seen or heard much these day they leave a big impression to those who saw them and while there are new craze’s and Ideas Pokémon is still one of the biggest in the world today and the film series in particular is something I really liked and really enjoyed watching. I can’t wait to review them.



First 12 for 12: 8 – 4 to go

Last Book I Read: Pure

Last TV show I watched: Doctors

Latest Piece of Music I have heard: Madness – Baggy Trousers

Last piece of Food I ate: Toast

Main Colour of Clothing I am Wearing: Black

Web Pages that I have open: WordPress

Am I Winning this Challenge: No – Hannah  beat me Last Night (I think I showed my hand to Quickly) Oh Well maybe second place.




4 responses

6 01 2012

One of my favourite trailers ever made is the Pirates 2 trailer

6 01 2012

Pirates of the Caribbean 2?

6 01 2012
The Colclough

i’ve never seen an episode of Pokemon, i’m afraid.

6 01 2012

That’s a shame

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