Jurassic Park Explained In 1 Scene

27 01 2012

You know those questions people sometimes ask where they ask you or someone else to explain something in 1 word or 1 sentence. It can be quite tricky. There was an interesting report in an episode of Top Gear about parking cars (near where James May lives). It was one of those ones where you had to use a mobile phone to pay for your parking ticket. Part of the process involved describing the colour of your car in one word, obviously if it was a basic form of colour you would say something normal like Blue or Green. However if it was a bit more detailed like British Racing Green, what do you do?

So when it comes to films it may be quite hard. OK if the person is asking how Fantastic/Good/Bad/Terrible/Lord of the Rubbish the film is you could say something like Fantastic or Poor. However how do you explain the whole film. Now this Idea came to my head last week after I watched Jurassic Park 3 on ITV (one of the channels). How about choosing a scene from Jurassic Park and then showing that scene to someone who has not seen it before (but to be fair everyone should have seen it by now, even 5 year olds) and that scene would explain what the film is all about without giving too  much away. So here is my choice.

The Brachiosaurus scene is the scene I would choose. It is the first Dinosaur to appear and for its Great Size it is quite Gentle to the people standing a few metres away. The scene also has the Music by John Williams in the background which brings out the scene in a nice way. It is nice and it is gentle as well as sounding natural almost like the type of music you would use for a nature program about Dinosaurs. OK it  is the first complete view of a Dinosaur but technically the first Dinosaur is the Velociraptor at the start of the film but not too much is revealed and so it still contains a bit of mystery for the viewer of what the film is about (but is not a great description of the film at the same time, unless you think so otherwise).

This scene works better than others because some of the other scenes like the first appearance of the T-Rex does give a few things away and while the scene with the Triceratops is quite beautiful that too gives too much away and does not have the surprise that the Brachiosaurus scene has (it was quite nice to see the Triceratops moving in The Lost World: Jurassic Park). Now this is just my opinion on what I think is the best scene to describe Jurassic Park. Do you agree with me or do you think there is a better scene that describes Jurassic Park? Or can you think of 1 sentence or even 1 word to describe the film?





2 responses

27 01 2012
The Colclough

i was about to say i’d pick that bit of dialogue where hammond says they clocked the t-rex to 30mph, and grant looks all shell-shocked that they have a t-rex… but then i remembered that that dialogue is actually part of the brachiosaur scene anyway! so, yes, it looks like i’d agree with you.

are you going to do this for other films too?

28 01 2012


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