Top 5 SAXON Songs

22 02 2012

This week I am very busy. I need to do some University work which includes reading a book called The Road. Well because of all these things I can only do a small post this week. So I am going to post up my top 5 Saxon Songs. This may also whet your appetite for a future series of posts called Seven Days of Rock. If you don’t know who Saxon is well they are a British Heavy Metal Band and a very successful one as well with 8 UK Top 40 Albums including 4 UK Top 10 Albums in the 1980’s. So lets not continue this and lets listen to some of the Best Heavy Metal Songs in the world from one of the worlds Greatest Heavy Metal Bands.

5. Unleash The Beast – I discovered this one just the other day. It has a style of a fast Heavy Metal song along with a medieval style in the look, music and lyrics. While it is the type of Heavy Metal I really like it is not my Favourite Saxon Songs. While their name was medieval their songs are more influenced by the problems in the world they grew up in of no jobs and strikes. So while this is a Good song it does branch away a bit from their influence and style. The Music video has a nice mysterious style with the shots of the band appearing and disappearing before the song really gets going.

4. And The Bands Played On – While it is their most successful Single And The Bands Played On is not number 1 on this list. The song does have a sense of their style. Saxon were the bad boys of music, they appeared at TOTP round the back in a Taxi not the red carpet like Spandau Ballet. This song has the music style which cemented this and while it was a more mainstream style of Metal (this is before the success of Metallica) it was still the rebel at the show. The song is about Saxon playing at the 1980 Monsters of Rock Concert. .

3. Princess Of The Night – While this is more Medieval this song has an incredible soundtrack. You know when you go and see a film and if you like it for some unknown reason. It’s something you can’t put your finger on it. I think it is the tune and the lyrics working together like they were written for each other but the tune does stand out more than the lyrics. The lyrics work well with it and is like the lyrics were designed for the song and the song the lyrics. it is also nicely spaced out so you can easily join in.

2. Wheels Of Steel – One of the bands most well-known songs. It has appeared in several Video Games and is usually heard at Live Shows. It is a song about Motorbikes and driving down the motorway. It’s talking about a passion for Motorbikes and driving Motorbikes. It could potentially show a love of freedom away from the norm. Almost like you have had a bad week and now it’s time for your own personal freedom with something you like, in this case Motorbikes.

1. Heavy Metal Thunder – Loud,  Angry and filled with Aggression on the Rampage. While it is a short song there is enough in it and more to enjoy. It is another one you can’t put your finger on but there is something you like about it. It has lots of Speed in both its tune and its lyrics and has an amazing Guitar Riff. It does let the Anger out, if you are just filled with Anger and want to let it out this song makes you want to scream and shout as loud as your throat will let you. This is what Heavy Metal is and this song is flying the flag.


Why Did It Win So Many Awards? – Slumdog Millionaire

15 02 2012

A few months ago I gave my readers a chance to vote for which Film I review. The idea this time was to choose a film out of a selection of 4, 2 of which I liked and the other 2 were films I did not want to see. Well you chose a film I did not want to see and so here is the review of that film. Now I have always wondered why Slumdog Millionaire won so many awards when there were so many GOOD films in 2008 and after watching Slumdog Millionaire for this review I still wonder why it got so many awards because the film is actually quite dull.

The film starts off with a young man named Jamal Malik who is being questioned by police after he may have cheated on an Indian version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. This includes being tortured with electricity which seems to defy the laws of physics because I thought the current had to be touching/going through the floor in order to get an electric shock. Anyway he recounts events in his life which led to him knowing the answers because the police don’t think some person from the slums would know the answers. Events include getting an autograph of Amitabh Bachchan while covered in Poo, Escaping the Bombay Riots with his brother Salim after their mother gets killed, Meeting a girl called Latika, Becoming beggars and almost being blinded by a gangster, Life as merchants on a train as well as being fake tour guides for the Taj Mahal and stealing components from cars, Returning to Mumbai to find Latika and killing the gangster who tried to blind them and then Jamal’s separation from Salim and Latika after Salim gets a job with a rival gangster.

The story moves into the future with Jamal when he is 18 working at a call centre and locates his brother. He journeys to some buildings that have been built over their old slum and talks about not believing the fact that they lived there. Hang on, is this a film or a documentary. It is talking about the history of India but I thought this was supposed to be a film. It is obviously not a Docufilm because it is more drama than a documentary style. You could classify it as a Docudrama but that is as far as that goes. What was I talking about………. Oh Yes.  Well Jamal finds Latika and then persuades her to run away with him but she is stopped by Salim. So he goes onto Who Wants To Be a Millionaire in the hope she is watching it. Well the police decide to let him go back on the show and his Phone a Friend for the final question is Salim but Latika escapes with the help of Salim and answers the Call. She does not know but Jamal answers the final question (Who was the third Musketeer which was the big question throughout the film – I thought the third musketeer was D’Artagnan). He wins 20 Million Rupees, becomes a sensation around India and goes to the train station to see Latika, the film ends with a lot of Indian people dancing.

I was always under the Idea that this film was bad, possibly the worst film in the world but after watching it, it is not that bad, it is still a bad film and I would rather watch Lord of the Rubbish but not as bad as I thought it was going to be.

The film’s soundtrack is quite interesting, the song Jai Ho sounds like Tally-ho, Only the British would make a song with the words Tally-ho in it but after reading it up I found out it is actually Jai Ho. Another song used is called Paper Planes which does explain where Marion got those lyrics from in that episode of Mongrels.

One of the major issues with this film is the subtitles; when people are speaking in Indian Subtitles appear around the screen for English people to read them. However the writing is in white on a coloured background for each character in a spot where there is a lot of light meaning that you have to pause the film so you can read it, I think I am right thinking you can’t do that at the Cinema.  If this was a proper subtitled film (like Japanese, Chinese and Korean Films) then the subtitles would appear at the bottom in white writing on a black background so you can read it without pausing. If the subtitles appear anywhere on-screen you have to spend time finding them before you can read them and so you don’t have much time to do that either.

The idea of 20 Million Rupees does remind me of a sketch from Goodness Gracious Me.

Overall this film is quite Dull, not much happens in it and it does have a few (subtitles) problems but the music makes up for it. You can get into this film a bit but the most enjoyable part is the credits rolling because that is when the film ends. It may depend on what you like in a film but there were a lot of better films in 2008 (Iron Man, Cloverfield, Tropic Thunder, 10,000 BC, Meet the Spartans, Quantum of Solace and The Dark Knight) that should have got the awards for things like Best Picture. Overall it is not a bad film, it is a dull film. Maybe next time I do a film poll I will fill it with films I actually like, I have done that once before.


Random Alphabet Quiz

9 02 2012

Random Alphabet Quiz

Inspired by something I saw on Matt’s Blog I have decide to do a Quiz for my blog but with a difference, all the answers are in order of the Alphabet, in other words the answer to Question 1 begins with an A, Question 2 – B, Question 8 – H, Question 19 – S and Question 26 – Z. Just follow the quiz as it goes on and you should get the hang of it. Now the Quiz is going to be on different topics so instead of it being on just Music or TV or Godzilla it will be on different topics. Write your answers in order as a comment and then I will post up the Answers in about a month’s time, Enjoy.

  1. A comic book writer who wrote V for Vendetta?
  2. A type of instrument which has been used by Geezer Butler, Peter Hook and Gene Simmons?
  3. A fire type Pokémon that can fly?
  4. The name of the city featured in Blade The Series?
  5. A British Airline?
  6. The winning country of the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest?
  7. A Japanese Monster with a shell?
  8. A 2010 Video Game for the PS3 which included a lot of water?
  9. A popular takeaway food in Britain?
  10. A British TV series starring Alan Davis?
  11. The second highest mountain on Earth?
  12. A British Stand-up Comedian?
  13. A Monster that has fought Godzilla 5 times?
  14. A brand of Instant Coffee?
  15. A type of fruit that is sometimes served with Duck?
  16. An Australian Drum and Bass Group who relocated to the UK in 2003?
  17. A type of mine?
  18. A French car manufacturer?
  19. A British Heavy Metal Band who have had 4 UK top 10 Albums?
  20. A form of transport that can be found in Nottingham and Manchester?
  21. A 2010 Film about trains?
  22. A Country that is famous for a War?
  23. An American Actress who has been nominated for 13 Emmy Awards?
  24. A Morecambe based Professional Wrestling Company?
  25. A British Restaurant Chain which specialises in Japanese Food?
  26. A Black and White Animal?

Don’t forget to post your answers as a comment and then check back here in about a month’s time to see how well you did.


TNA 2012

1 02 2012

This past Friday I went with my Mam and my Brother to Manchester to see TNA Wrestling at the Manchester Arena. Now this was part of their Maximum Impact Tour and it was not a live recording. The show was just a tour show, in other words it was a show that was put on for the fans to see the wrestlers have matches that were not going to be on TV. However Me and Mam agreed that it was better than the live recording shows because it meant that it was straight onto the show and no interviews, Just proper Wrestling. This was not the first time I have seen TNA Live or gone to the Manchester Arena. The first 2 times I went to the Manchester Evening News Arena as it was called back then was to see WWE Smackdown. I then went to see TNA in 2009 and then again this past week. Now a lot has changed since I last went to see TNA, there is no longer a 6 sided ring, there are no Beautiful People and Matt Morgan and Abyss used to be in a Tag Team.

OK when we arrived and took our seats we missed the Big Opening and there were problems with our seats because some people took them. However when we sat down it was straight into it. First off was an X Division Title match between current champion Austin Aries, Mark Haskins and Alex Shelley. Austin Aries won but the match was filled with High Flying manoeuvres which are one of the best parts about smaller wrestlers.

During the event the 2 hosts Christy Hemme and Jeremy Borash were handing out Backstage passes. They also introduced the wrestlers and referee Earl Hebner.

The next match was between Crimson and Britain’s own Doug Williams. Now this is not the first time I have seen Doug Williams. The first time I saw the FWA at the Morecambe Dome I saw him wrestle. I saw him wrestle again at another FWA show in a Tag Team with 2 Cold Scorpio. I also Saw him the first time I went to see TNA. I think he would be a great Wrestler to become the first British Wrestler to become World Heavyweight Champion (Currently only William Regal, The British Bulldog and Desmond Wolfe have come near enough to achieving it) although Magnus would also be a Good Wrestler to do it and he debuted in TNA just after I saw TNA in 2009. Crimson won the match.

Next up was a match between Gunner and AJ Styles. I don’t think this was as Fantastic as AJ Styles matches can be but it was Great to see him in Manchester again, AJ Styles Won.

Next up was a Tag Team match in the Knockout Division. It was current Knockout Champion Gail Kim who is also one half of the current Knockout Tag Team Champions along with Madison Rayne. They fought the Tag Team of Tara and Mickie James. Tara and Mickie won. An Intermission followed this match.

After the intermission was a World Heavyweight Championship match between the Current Champion Robert Roode against Samoa Joe. Now at the moment Samoa Joe is not popular on TV but he was incredibly Popular in Manchester. When I saw him make his entrance it was incredible and then it was also incredible when Robert Roode made his entrance. It was an amazing Match but Robert Roode still retained his Title.You can watch the match on TNA Xplosion either this week or Next Week.

Before the final match of the Evening TNA President Dixie Carter came out to the audience and thanked them all for coming and saying why she loves to come to Britain and also how TNA Impact has become the biggest Wrestling show on UK Television. You see, TNA cares about its fans, you don’t see Vince McMahon come out to the audience and say Thank you for coming, another reason why TNA is the Best. Dixie Carter also mentioned an old lady called Ann Timson who was in the front row who became a famous after beating up some robbers.

The final match of the evening was a Tag team Match between Bully Ray (who mentally attacked a Manchester crowd by wearing a Liverpool Football shirt) with Kurt Angle against James Storm and Sting. Now what is interesting is that my Brother used to watch WCW almost 20 years ago when Sting was in it and I don’t think he would ever think that he would see Sting Live. It was Amazing because I have known about Sting for a long time as well. Then before the match started Robert Roode came out and added himself to the match so Sting added Hulk Hogan to the Match so it was an even playing field, Yes I saw both Sting and Hulk Hogan just a few metres from where I was sitting. The match concluded when Hulk Hogan used Ann Timson’s walking stick on Bully Ray (who verbally attacked her). The show ended with some in ring showing off for the fans from James Storm, Hulk Hogan and Sting.

It was an incredible and Fantastic Evening. I love to watch Wrestling and being in an amazing building like the Manchester Arena to see it is Amazing. It was like a Rock Concert with Fighting instead of Singing. It was an Amazing Event and I can’t wait to see it again.


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