Get Well Soon Tony Iommi

3 03 2012

This past November Black Sabbath reunited and had plans for a new album and a summer tour. However last month Tony Iommi (My favourite Guitar player in music history) was sadly diagnosed with the early stages of Lymphoma. So while the album is still going ahead Tony will be unable to play much while his treatment is being done, and the European tour is being redone as Ozzy and Friends which will include Black Sabbath Bass player Geezer Butler. However Black Sabbath will still be playing at the Download Festival this year and as far as I know Tony Iommi will be playing. It has also been announced that Drummer Bill Ward has left the band over contract disagreements, the band has said the door is open if he wants to return.

This not the first time that Tony Iommi has had problems with his body. He has said that he has had problems with his arm, But while working at a sheet metal manufacturer he lost the tips of two fingers and made thimbles for himself so he could still play guitar.

He is now working with doctors to find out his best course of treatment and hopefully he will get well really soon. Hopefully it wont be too long until the Worlds Greatest Guitar Player returns to the stage once again to play some Proper Music.(I would like to know if there is a reason why Black Sabbath have not been asked to play at the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee).

Get Well Soon Tony Iommi





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7 03 2012
I Can’t Think Of Anything To Blog About « Numb3r5s's Blog

[…] Unknown – I did plan this one for last week but I thought I would say Get Well Soon to Tony Iommi. This post would talk about one of the previous decades best cartoon’s, Totally […]

28 06 2012

I hope Tony gets well soon – me and my mates dressed up as Sabbath at the Download festival – checkout our photos (Im the Iommi lookalike lol!)

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