For The First Time In A Very Long Time, A Game Gets Released That Is Not A War Simulator – Twisted Metal

14 03 2012

This week sees the release of Twisted Metal onto the PS3. Now it is not the first game in the Twisted Metal series but it is simply called Twisted Metal. But before I talk about this game I would like to share some interesting history (well at least I think it is interesting).

When I was young I remember my brother had a friend round from school and they played on a game console in his room. I later realised (many years later) that it was a PS1. Now this was a time when I would play Video Games every so often, it was not a major part of my life at the time, WOW things have changed. They were playing this odd racing looking game where there were several cars in it including a Saloon Gang Car, a digger that looked like it had teeth and a funny looking Ice-Cream van. Well I was allowed to have a go and I remember racing the Saloon Gang Car along the road and I think it could shoot (this was about 1995/1996). Now this was not the only time I saw this game. I think I might have seen it before but I definitely remember seeing it once or twice afterwards. One thing was a miss though, I did not know the name of the game and no matter how many times I remembered it I still had no Idea what it was called.

I was watching the Sony Press Conference at E3 2010 (one of the biggest events on the gaming calendar). I like watching the Press conferences and I usually mean to give a little review of what happens on this blog but I don’t usually get round to it. Microsoft’s was OK but it felt like they were having a Coffee break every 5 Minutes. Nintendo’s is usually my favourite and it was really Good that year. Sony’s Press conference was twice as long as the other two’s. Nintendo and Microsoft were just over an hour while Sony was over 2 Hours. Well at least they did not disappoint, I even saw Kevin Butler (Seriously, click that link, it’s a Fantastic Speech) for the first time. Well the show was about to wrap up and they were showing off the last big surprise. It was a Big Surprise not only for the people in the room at the time but for me. They showed a trailer for a game and in the trailer I saw that Ice-cream van from a that game all those years ago. I then watched the remainder of the conference and saw what I thought was one of the best looking Games I had seen in years and by Games I mean Explosions, Madness, Unrealistic Physics, Rock Music, Unrealistic Driving where you can go round a corner and not take your finger off the Accelerator and Almost if not Unlimited Ammunition for your Big Guns.

Twisted Metal is a car combat game, it is not really about racing, it’s about having cars with weapons on them and destroying other cars. There are many different vehicles that can be used in the game including an Ice-Cream van that turns into a robot like in Transformers and along with other vehicles like Helicopters. There are several different types of multiplayer matches like Team Death Match and Nuke. Early shots of the single player mode look interesting as well as challenging with some boss levels looking like they can take a while to complete. But the Multiplayer looks like it is the main star of the show. Now I am really excited about this game but there is one problem, Clowns. I am terrified of Clowns. For the most part I am looking forward to playing the game and not letting it bug me but there is 1 upside which is that when I am playing in a different team I can attack the clowns and let out the fear and anger out at clowns.

From the trailer it sounds like there will be some Good Music in the game, well it makes sense that in a game called Twisted Metal there will hopefully be some Heavy Metal Music. Twisted Metal is looking like an incredible Game and I am really excited to play it when it comes out this week, I hope it is as Fantastic as it looks.




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