Breaking The Law

22 03 2012

It is one of the Best Metal Songs in music history, It is one of the Best Music Videos in music history and it is from one of the Greatest Heavy Metal Bands in music history. The Band are called Judas Priest, the song is called Breaking The Law.

There must be something about Birmingham and Heavy Metal. In 1969 Black Sabbath appeared. Then in the following year Judas Priest appeared. Both bands started in Birmingham and both of them were pioneers. Black Sabbath was the first Heavy Metal Band and made the music scene working class for the first time. Judas Priest pioneered the use of 2 guitars in a Metal band (Lead and Rhythm) and as such most Metal bands since have had a similar look to Judas Priest. Such bands include Saxon, Diamond Head, Iron Maiden, Scorpions and Metallica (even though some of those bands have more than or less than 5 members). So there must be something about Birmingham which makes a heavy metal band become such a Huge success. Anyway, back to the song.

Breaking the law is an amazing song. It has an incredible riff all the way through the song and even though the song is only about 3 minutes long it is packed with so much content that it is really good value for money. The song talks about the struggles of life when you have no work and think that no one cares about you. You are so frustrated that you decide to break the law to try and improve your life. The song continues with the idea that you may have a bright future but you can’t get it moving and the idea that people just don’t understand you and those that do will also break the law as well. OK I have managed to come out with a description of the song just by listening to the words.

The live versions of the song are pretty Good (this coming from someone who has not seen the band live). I found one video which had an amazing start where all the members of Judas Priest (except the drummer) played the instruments together (click the link). But in my opinion the video is still the best version. The video shows Rob Halford in the back of a Cadillac singing the first parts of the song. He then breaks into the bank with Glenn Tipton and K. K. Downing (who have been dressed up as priests in the early parts of the video) and are then joined by Ian Hill and Dave Holland. The band holds up the bank with Guitars instead of guns and incapacitate the customers with the sound of the music (another showing of how powerful Heavy Metal is). They then steal a gold record for the album British Steel (which Breaking the law  originally came from). The Band get back into the Cadillac and then drive away with footage of their concerts on the CCTV camera footage and the bank’s security guard playing along to the music on a fake guitar. One interesting thing to point out is that at the very beginning of the video when the man flicks the bread at the birds, the moment it touches the floor the music starts.

The song is a fantastic Heavy Metal song and a real treat for fans of Heavy Metal as well as music fans in general. If you have not heard it before watch the video now (you will not be disappointed) and if you have heard the song before, then listen to it again, because it is Awesome (All of the above pictures were taken from the video, because the video is Fantastic).




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27 07 2012
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