View Along The Apprentice: Series 8 Episode 3

5 04 2012

The Apprentice - Series 8 - 3. Condiments

Just like a post I did during Series 6 here you can read some notes I made to Episode 3 of Series 8 of The Apprentice. Just click on the above picture and let the fun commence, Enjoy.

00:01; Familiar Music

00:22; Does he have any friends?

00:33; I’ll take 75/25 thank you very much

00:36; What about Drunken Bannatyne

00:41; Well mop it up then

00:53; I was at school with someone who looks like her

01:47; There was someone in series 1 who did something similar

02:01; Don’t blame her

02:11; Yes

02:41; She looks like that Stacy from Hustle

03:14; That’s a bit early isn’t it

03:28; That is not enough time to get ready

03:34; You’re not going to wake the men up?

03:38; Ah

04:15; Isn’t that a Gold Blue Peter Badge

04:22; I wonder if he has changed that car yet, or more to the point, washed it.

04:30; They look cold and bored

04:36; I wonder if he fell in

04:59; I would like to place a Hotel on Chili Powder

05:07; Is he a Bond Villain, look at that smile

05:24; Headmistress Karen

06:03; Do you know who does not get enough credit in this show, the drivers, their names have not been mentioned at all

06:10; She is acting like Katie Hopkins from series 3, I hope it’s not because she was horrible

06:33; It would be interesting if one of the teams accidentally makes poison

07:29; Well seeing as you have lost 2 weeks in a row I think you will have to wait and prove yourself before you can be project manager

07:32; I refer you to my previous quote

08:07; How about Tomato Ketchup and calling it HP………. oh wait

08:19; You could market it as a way to get rid of slugs


08:40; Livin La Vida Loca

08:55; Nick by the looks of him

09:12; Grumpy person

09:39; Stop moaning and be professional

09:55; Well except for the BIG GRUMP

10:05; Phoenix Foods, They are Hot Hot Hot

10:23; Simple Goodness Gracious Me

10:27; Isn’t Infusion the name of a Rollercoaster?

10:35; Take the pen out of your mouth

10:56; I like that, it’s straight to the point, just say what is in it.

11:08; Is the Queen coming

11:27; Well Ricky can knock them out with a Power Bomb

11:53; They look ridiculous in those costumes

12:10; Come on, let me try some, I will say if it is nice or not

12:40; Stop Moaning

12:48; She knows food? What, like those characters in the 2008 Subway Adverts

13:08; Just fire her now, please

13:21; Good shot and an amazing view, I thought that was a space shuttle

13:26; Have a Penguin

14:02; The Next Nick Hewer

15:11; They still have 5 minutes


15:37; Call an Ambulance, remember to Push Hard and Fast to the beat of Stayin Alive

16:37; That looks like Ice-Cream

17:12; Talking like a true chef

17:44; Red Porridge, That’s the brand name

18:40; Would you rather sell poison?


20:02; Sing Poison by Alice Cooper to them

20:34; The bloke in pink is already bored

20:36; Says it all doesn’t it

20:45; There’s a smile

20:47; There’s not

21:14; You FAILED

21:21; He’s excited

21:39; Lord Sugar is not a Vampire

21:50; Where is the army bloke from series 6 when you need him?

22:17; Red Porridge

23:39; Livin La Vida Loca

24:29; Ooh Purple Sign

25:30; So not Poisonous then

25:59; It’s George Lucas

26:30; You Failed

26:38; Bendy Bus

27:23; You’re so funny, NOT

28:19; That clip was incredibly boring

29:31; He is useless

31:13; You did not FAIL

32:45; Spaceship

33:44; 48 Bottles of miss-spelling sauce

34:12; That was not an hour

34:56, Purple Vertical Line

34:59; Yawn

35:39; The Boys Are Back In Town

35:46; No, RUNAWAY

36:49; OH SAUCE not Salt

37:26; that is because you are scared of his Finishing Move


38:24; The Project Manager almost died

39:23; I thought they only had 300 bottles, where did the other 5 come from?

39:28; Not Bad

39:46; They did a Sterling Job, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

40:03; Make sure you don’t crash the car or you will be fired on the spot

40:17; Big Hug

40:34; They should have branded it as Red Porridge

40:37; To the Café

41:11; Grump behind the wheel as well

41:17; It should be renamed Apprentice Café

42:09; Livin La Vida Loca

42:46; He does not sound happy

47:40; Livin La Vida Possibly Fired

47:56; Rock and Roll

48:28; Can he win the Boardroom Heavyweight Championship

54:36; There’s the music, who is going to get fired?  

56:00; He should say it more like Vince McMahon, YOU’RE FIRED

56:03; When is someone going to be really childish and tell Sugar that he’s fired

57:42; Where is the Giant Kitten?

58:04; Nice Glasses

58:09; She is a Thief, call the Police

58:20; It appears that the Project Manager is going to get fired next week

That was Week 3 and next week it looks like it is going to be a Rubbish Episode.

GENEPOOL (It almost took me 2 Hours to watch that episode)




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