Oreo Cake

1 05 2012

Yes, your eyes do not deceive you, it says Oreo Cake, it is a cake with Oreos in it and looks like an Oreo. The Idea came to me a few months ago and after some experimentation the cake is Brilliant. So if you would like to make it you will need the following ingredients.


6 oz. Self-Raising Flour                                   6 oz. Margarine                                 1 oz. Cocoa

6 oz. Caster Sugar                                            3 Eggs                                                    1 Full Packet Of Oreos

Now this recipe is very similar to the Chocolate Cake recipe but it is a little bit different so pay attention. You can make your cake a bit bigger by doing 8 oz. ingredients (except for Cocoa – either keep it the same or increase, but not too much) and 4 eggs if you want to.

Preheat the oven to Gas Mark 4/5 on the middle shelf or top shelf if you are brave enough, or if you are using a fan assisted oven it is about 160-170° (please refer to your user manual for which shelf and temperature to be sure). Weigh out your ingredients (except the Oreos) and put them into a large-ish bowl and then mix together using an electric whisk on a slow speed until it is all nicely together, then put it up to full speed until the cake mixture is nice and soft and a light brown colour. Stop the whisk, then using a knife go around the edge of the bowl and take any of the mixture that is stuck to the sides of the bowl and move it into the rest of the mixture. Then whisk again on full speed for a few more seconds to make sure it is all nicely together.

The right consistency to go for is simple, take a spoon and (using the spoon) pickup some of the mixture and then plop it back in (the mixture), if it plops off the spoon naturally without any help required then the mixture is at the right consistency, this also applies for the chocolate cake (but I forgot to mention that, MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA).

Now get a food processor (machine with blades in that can mix food up) and then get your Oreo packets, make sure that when you open it that it has Oreos in it. Then break them ALL (it is important that you use ALL the Oreos in a full packet, if it is not a full packet – get a full packet) up and put them in your food processor. Turn the Food Processor on (you may want to put a lid on if it does not have one) and then initially pulse the Oreos until they are all nicely broken, then hold down the button (no longer pulsing) until the Oreos are in tiny pieces (almost like a fine powder). Then pour in the Finely Powdered Oreos into you cake mix and then stir them into the mix, what you want to achieve is a granite like effect (if you have a granite work surface, look at it and then imagine it brown), you can use the electric whisk if you want to but it may be better to use a spoon.

Once it is nicely mixed together pour the mixture into two greased cake tins (thin with a big diameter, refer to Chocolate Cake recipe on greasing) and then place them in the oven. After about 30 minutes check on them and do the skewer test, if they are ok take them out of the oven and let them cool in the tins for a couple of minutes and then take them out  the tins and put them on a cooling rack. After you have let them cool down for a while it is time to do the icing.

Icing Ingredients:

1 Tub Of Betty Crocker Buttercream Style Icing Vanilla (refer to picture)

Take one half of the cake and make sure that the flat bottom is facing up. Then take out all the icing from the tub and smoothly spread it around evenly. Then take the other half and place it on top with the flat bottom facing down (towards the icing). Then smooth the icing around until it is all nice and tidy. Your Oreo Cake is now ready to eat.





7 responses

1 05 2012

yowza. that thing is a monster.

1 05 2012

Yes it is, and it tastes awesome as well.

1 05 2012

this does look brilliant!

1 05 2012

Give it a try, it is easy to do.

7 05 2012

The only possible way to improve a chocolate cake is… …TO ADD MORE CHOCOLATE! Brilliant idea, looks really nice. Slightly surprised you didn’t make you own icing, though.

7 05 2012

I did plan to originally but it is hard to make white icing.

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