Eurovision Reaction 2012

28 05 2012

This past weekend saw the return of one of my favourite events of the year, The Eurovision Song Contest. Since 2004 it has been a major part of the year for me and I am always looking forward to it. This year it was held in Azerbaijan with me still remembering Sweden’s entry from last year which is the one I voted for last year, well it is one of my favourite songs from the contest since I have been watching.

First off let me just point out something about the UK entry. The last few years have not been so good for Britain with us usually appearing somewhere near the bottom. This year we had Engelbert Humperdinck who came second to last with 12 points. Now this does look bad but on the bright side we did get more than 10 which is pretty good for us since the 2003 incident. So in a way the UK is starting to come back with some recent entries including Jade Ewen and Blue even though it could be a while until we win again (to be fair I do think the tune was a bit grim, if it was lighter we may have done better). I did see a bit of the second semi-finals and did like Belarus’s song (which failed to get into the final), this is the second time a Rocky/Metalish from Belarus did not get into the final as far as I can remember, the other time was the brilliant 2009 song which I would have voted for if it got into the final. Several songs in the final looked like competition for Engelbert Humperdinck. The first song that stood out for me was Iceland’s entry which looked almost like a folklore song, a bit like the Bulgarian, Finnish and Moldova entries from 2007 (Apologies if the below video is not working, it was playing up on my computer, here is a link for you).

Then came the Sweden Entry, I saw a bit of this earlier in the week and I was unsure about it, there was something about it. It was one of the favorites of the contest this year and so when it came to voting it was hard to choose between Iceland and Sweden, so I voted for both. While Iceland did not do so well, Sweden won and this was a big moment for the country and for me. It is the 5th time Sweden has won and the third time since I have started watching that I have voted for the winner, the last time I voted for the winning song was 6 years ago for Finland (it was nice to see the lead singer calling out the results for Finland). The first time was in 2004 when I voted for Ukraine. The Swedish entry is actually one of the most successful in the contest history achieving 372 points. So with another year gone I now have to wait just less than 365 day until the next one, already looking forward to it (now I have voted for Sweden 2 years in a row, previously I voted for Finland 4 years in a row).




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