Random Alphabet Quiz – Answers

2 06 2012

This past February I did an online Quiz, well 3 months have passed and I think it is time to reveal the Answers (I am not going to link the answers, it will take a while to do).

  1. A comic book writer who wrote V for Vendetta – Alan Moore
  2. A type of instrument which has been used by Geezer Butler, Peter Hook and Gene Simmons – Bass Guitar
  3. A fire type Pokémon that can fly  – Charizard
  4. The name of the city featured in Blade The Series – Detroit
  5. A British Airline – EasyJet
  6. The winning country of the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest – Finland
  7. A Japanese Monster with a shell – Gamera
  8. A 2010 Video Game for the PS3 which included a lot of water – Heavy Rain
  9. A popular takeaway food in Britain – Indian Food
  10. A British TV series starring Alan Davis – Jonathan Creek
  11. The second highest mountain on Earth – K2
  12. A British Stand-up Comedian – Lenny Henry
  13. A Monster that has fought Godzilla 5 times – Mothra
  14. A brand of Instant Coffee – Nescafe
  15. A type of fruit that is sometimes served with Duck – Orange
  16. An Australian Drum and Bass Group who relocated to the UK in 2003 – PENDULUM
  17. A type of mine – Quarry
  18. A French car manufacturer – Renault
  19. A British Heavy Metal Band who have had 4 UK top 10 Albums – Saxon
  20. A form of transport that can be found in Nottingham and Manchester – Trams
  21. A 2010 Film about trains – Unstoppable
  22. A Country that is famous for a War – Vietnam
  23. An American Actress who has been nominated for 13 Emmy Awards – Whoopi Goldberg
  24. A Morecambe based Professional Wrestling Company – XWA
  25. A British Restaurant Chain which specialises in Japanese Food – YO! Sushi!
  26. A Black and White Animal – Zebra

How many did you get right?





3 responses

2 06 2012
Random Alphabet Quiz « Numb3r5s's Blog

[…] will be on different topics. Write your answers in order as a comment and then I will post up the Answers in about a month’s time, […]

5 06 2012
The Colclough

i didn’t get many right, i’m afraid. i can’t remember exactly, but i think i got B, E, G, K, N, maybe Q, got R; can’t remember about T, U or V but i might have got any or all of those right, and i got Z.

5 06 2012

Well done on the ones you did get.

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