Money Does Grow On Trees

5 06 2012

It is a widely known concept that money does not grow on trees, but I have found evidence that it does, well actually it doesn’t. I am referring to a series of Adverts by Barclays from a few years ago starring two Great actors; Gary Oldman and Donald Sutherland. After recently seeing The Hunger Games, the film reminded me of these adverts (because Donald Sutherland was in the film and the adverts).

The adverts are cleverly made and appear to have their own story. Oldman and Sutherland appear to be on a road trip and Sutherland tells the story of a man he knew who could grow a money tree, while Oldman questions this story but then Sutherland finishes off with a piece of Wisdom, almost like a punch line.

Each Advert has its own individual story, the first talks about the man being able to grow them in the first place. The second talks about the man using specialist help to grow his trees and boost the crop. The third and final advert talks about using special tools to look after the trees. Barclays use these stories to explain how their business works…………………….so they can grow money trees. That could explain why the adverts don’t tell you where to get the seeds.

These adverts are really good to watch over and over again thanks to them being on YouTube. The Adverts have a nice story and some interesting wisdom (and Donald Sutherland’s Amazing Voice). These adverts have inspired me recently, I have been inspired to do a rather special post with the same ideas but no money (and sadly No Donald Sutherland, I will try to post it this month). It has also inspired me for storylines for Matt’s new animated series Papercuts (if he lets me write for it). Who knew that Adverts could be enjoyable and inspiring at the same time.

GENEPOOL (It may look odd writing about an advert but these are very Good adverts)




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