King Of The Monsters Tournament – Qualifiers

6 06 2012

A few weeks ago I was playing with a 20 sided dice and the following day I saw a clip from a Channel 4 show called Full Metal Challenge. Well as a result of both I have decided to run a little tournament on my blog, a Monster Tournament. Basically several movie monsters will fight it out in the hope of winning the title of King of the Monsters. How will these monsters fight, well, with Dice Rolls. Seeing as this is the qualifying round I will explain how these monsters will qualify first and then talk about how they will fight in Round 1.

32 Monsters have been chosen from the world of Monster Movies and then they have are divided into 2 groups (16 in each). Then a D20 is rolled and the 6 monsters from each group with the highest dice rolls will qualify for the first round. Then 2 other monsters from each group who were unlucky enough to get in the top 6 are chosen by me, like wild cards of the tournament. Then all together will make up the fighters for King Of The Monsters 2012.

So let’s see who has qualified for this year’s tournament.

Group 1:

  1. Kiryu
  2. Titanosaurus
  3. The Host
  4. Manda
  5. Gyaos
  6. Rodan
  7. Godzilla (Wild Card)
  8. The Kraken (1981 Clash of the Titans) (Wild Card)

Group 2:

  1. Optimus Prime
  2. Ultraman
  3. Moguera
  4. Gigan
  5. Reign of Fire Dragon
  6. Battra
  7. King Ghidorah (Wild Card)
  8. Gamera (Wild Card)

Now we have our combatants, it will soon be time to make them fight, but for now, let’s see who will be fighting who in the first round. For the first round the monsters will only be fighting monsters from their group. The group fighting system is only applicable for the first round and in future rounds there will be no groups. This time a D8 (eight sided dice) will be used to pair up the fighters. The Monster in the number 1 spot will get the first dice roll; the resulting number will decide which monster fights them. If it is the monsters own number, the dice is re rolled. Once the monster in spot 1 has an opponent, the roll moves onto the next available fighter. This will carry on in both groups until everyone has an opponent. The last 2 monsters left to roll will be paired up automatically. In the case of a number being rolled and a monster is taken, the dice will be re-rolled. So let’s get to it and see who our fighters will be facing.

Group 1

  1. Kiryu vs Titanosaurus
  2. The Host vs Manda
  3. Gyaos vs The Kraken
  4. Rodan vs Godzilla

Group 2

  1. Optimus Prime vs Reign of Fire Dragon
  2. Ultraman vs Gigan
  3. Moguera vs Battra
  4. King Ghidorah vs Gamera

Already we have some interesting matches including some to watch out for already, well in the end it comes down to dice rolls but a couple to look out for are King Ghidorah vs Gamera (two wildcards) and The Host vs Manda. So there we have it, this new tournament is already underway. Come back same time next week as we see who is tough enough to survive Round 1 and one step closer to being crowned King of the Monsters 2012.





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