Sam’s Rant – I Don’t Like Art, I Like Guitars: Part 1

8 06 2012

I remember about 10 years ago I went to London with My Dad, My Brother and few other people for a day out. Me and my Dad went to the Transport Museum and that was really fun, we then met up with the others who had been looking around art museums. We then all go to the national portrait gallery. For me when you have seen the picture you have seen the picture, so I don’t understand why people stare at it and talk about the significance and the importance of it, it’s a picture, if you want to stare at it, take a photo of it and stare at that. The National Portrait Gallery is boring, the most interesting thing was the Escalator; the Windows, the Stairs, the Lights but best of all was the EXIT. The experience people get at the National Portrait Gallery could be improved by giving them the use of a Chainsaw.

More recently I was in a class and because we had to discuss all matter of subjects, art was one of them. We had to look at several pictures and then say what we thought. One person in our group was a student repeating the year who technically did not have to be there, but in a way we were able to hide behind him, until the teacher pointed out that we can’t, so she asked for someone else to speak, so I did. Well she did ask for my opinion, so I gave it. I basically said something along the lines that all Art is Rubbish and is only for people who sit around all day eating cheese and biscuits and drinking fancy wine while saying stuff like “essences of berry and other variations of fruit”.

Red Wine Glass

How come people can’t smile in Art, they all have to have really down sad faces or faces like they are looking at someone or something, no wonder Art Galleries are so BORING and DEPRESSING. I think the Joker needs to visit these people, that would make them smile. Also why is it that The Girl With The Pearl Earring could not afford the other one and what is that thing coming out of her head? And could someone please explain to me what is so good about looking at a can of soup?

OK, I do like pictures, I like photographs that I took and my friends photos, I like movie posters but I don’t gawp at them all day long, it is possible to enjoy Art but only as something to look at, give colour to a room and not stare endlessly at until you either collapse from not eating in a while or from getting a seizure brought on by staring at pictures. I think I have covered all the bases, if I come up with anymore I will do another Rant. So in short Art Is Rubbish (I do quite like those Japanese ones with the Waves and Mount Fuji).

GENEPOOL (come back on Monday to find out what that title means)



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9 06 2012

…however, before you say Art is Rubbish, keep in mind that art isn’t just classical painting. It also covers literature, music, sculpture etc. etc. Personally, I have no problem with classical artwork. While things like The Girl with the Pearl Earring don’t hold much appeal in and of themselves, one must consider that they represent landmark achievements in the artistic world, and without them we wouldn’t have cool stuff like cel animation. It’s often the people associated with artwork that are rubbish. It’s the same with classical music. There’s nothing uncool or unapproachable about either artwork or music, but some people just try to make it elitist because they don’t like Joe Bloggs taking an interest.

10 06 2012

You raise a Good Point on several parts, please explain further what you mean by Literature being Art?

11 06 2012

A quick consultation with a dictionary will show that the true definition of art is “the creation of aesthetic objects or beauty in general”. In other words, any creative endeavor is, by definition, art. Therefore, as people use literature as a way of expressing themselves, and can use words to creative vivid mental imagery, writing can be beautiful which means it is art. What you’re referring to as art is a segment of the visual arts. So, unfortunately, guitars do actually classify as art. Someone creates them, and they are admired by others (like yourself) as objects of beauty. That classifies them as pieces of art.

11 06 2012

Your comments are huge and complex. Have you thought about being a phillosopher (is that how you spell it?).

11 06 2012
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