Top 5 Black Sabbath Songs

10 06 2012

Today is a very special day, firstly it is 23 years since I was Born and secondly it is the Last day of the 2012 Download Festival in Donnington and for all of those who are going to be there you have a special treat. The Main Event of the day and the festival, forget all those rubbish rap and pop bands that will have been playing during the festival because Black Sabbath are playing. Yes for the first time in 6/7 years Black Sabbath are playing live. OK, they recently played at the O2 Academy in Birmingham but that is nothing compared to tonight. Now I myself will not be there because I don’t like the idea of a festival with tents and stuff and would prefer to go to somewhere like the Manchester Arena. So while I will need to wait before I can see the Greatest Band in the world, all of you at Download have a very special treat, don’t miss it because you will regret it. To celebrate something like this I have compiled together a list of my Top 5 Favourite Black Sabbath Songs. Look out for these songs tonight, I just hope the show gets televised (you may also be interested in my Top 5 Saxon Songs because I know they were scheduled to appear).

5. War Pigs – War Pigs was the original title for the album Paranoid, the record producers decided to rename it Paranoid though when they feared a possible backlash from Vietnam Supporter, however the song War Pigs kept its name. War Pigs is one of Black Sabbath’s most well-loved songs with it being featured in several Heavy Metal Lists. The Song itself is very Anti towards the Vietnam War. When it is sung live it calls for people to join in with things like clapping and singing, almost like protest marching and camp fire singing. The noise the song gives out is very loud like most Black Sabbath songs but it does not have the normal speed, it is quite slow and has a nice pace which probably helps when asking people to join in. Whereas most songs include a lot of Guitar War Pigs has a nice combined tune of Bass and Drums which produce the nice loud noise, so for once it is The Guitar supporting the noise and not the Bass, but it would not be the same without Tony Iommi’s riffs which finally make if a somewhat slightly slower sound.

4. Iron Man – One of the most recognizable riffs in music, well not just a riff but the whole tune. The beginning of the song is the most well-remembered part but the rest of the song is not as impersonated, which is a real shame due to the songs later part getting faster and heavier. The song has been used in numerous TV shows and films, more recently in the Iron Man film series (I wonder why). The song has a generally slow start and keeps this going with Ozzy singing in time with the Riff. Much like his later song Crazy Train in which Ozzy starts off with “ALL ABOARD”, Iron Man has something very similar with “I Am Iron Man”. The Song then develops 2 really fast parts, one about half way through the song, much like Fade to Black but that keeps going fast, whereas Iron Man slows down again, but then it eventually hints that it is about to speed up again and that’s is when Tony Iommi takes centre stage and plays this amazing fast Riff and that riff keeps playing until the song finishes. Iron Man is not only the name of a Song it has now become the nickname of Tony Iommi himself and in a recent performance at the O2 Academy in Birmingham Ozzy did not say “I Am Iron Man” but instead pointed at Iommi and said “He Is Iron Man” which is a magnificent tribute to the long-lasting Tony Iommi, the real Iron Man.

3. Symptom Of The Universe – What I think is one of their lesser known tracks, Symptom of the Universe was written by Geezer Butler after a dream he had about the creation of the Universe. The Song is a nice Heavy and Fast feel with a nice combination of Drums and Guitar with Guitar leading the Charge. The Song begins with a great fast pace that will get the listener bashing and thrashing around, almost like an Air Instrument (a bit like the Air Drum with War Pigs). The song does change about half way through and while it keeps its main tune style it does alter around in several different ways, almost like the diverse nature of the Universe.

2. Paranoid – Paranoid is widely regarded as one of the greatest Metal Songs of all time, it even reached number 4 in the UK Singles Chart. Technically the song was created to simply add an extra 4 and a half minutes onto the album, so the band just went and jammed and then they came out with this. The name Paranoid works well with the song because the style of the music is really fast and a bit frantic, the lyrics were made up as the song was being made and while Ozzy was able to get a song together eventually in a short space of time it could take other bands a long time to do so and could drive them paranoid, you could also state that having to find a 4 and a half-minute song could have driven them paranoid, the name Paranoid also stands out. This is another example of the pioneering work of Tony Iommi who would simply just strap on a guitar, play something random and it would become a hit. When the band went to America following Paranoid the band became an Instant Success.

1. Children Of The Grave – When I first became a fan of Black Sabbath the only song I knew about was Paranoid, I did some searching on YouTube and found songs like War Pigs but eventually I discovered this song. I also heard it in the video game Brütal Legend in the opening level. It had this nice Pounding Sound, Aggression, Speed and Anger like the song was furious about something and was going to kick a door in. While some songs change around things here and there this stays the same and has many of the elements that would become the critical factors for later Heavy Metal Songs include Big Pounding Noises and Screaming Electric Guitar Sounds. While some people prefer Paranoid and other War Pigs and some Iron Man, my favourite Black Sabbath song is Children of the Grave.




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10 06 2012
every record tells a story

Many happy returns! I would put Into the Void in my top 5…

10 06 2012

Thankyou, Into the Void is Very Good, I particularly like the video on YouTube where Tony Iommi talks about how he lost his finger tips.

20 03 2013
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