Sam’s Rant – I Don’t Like Art, I Like Guitars: Part 2

11 06 2012

Previously on Sam’s Rant – I Don’t Like Art, I Like Guitars: I came to the conclusion that all Art is Rubbish and the lights at the National Portrait Gallery are far more interesting than the pictures and the whole experience could be improved through the use of a Chainsaw.

So now I will explain the second part of the title. While Music can be counted as Art in most cases it is not because you don’t look at it (as well as the fact that some forms of Rock apparently don’t count despite the fact that they are a type of Music). But while Music is not Art and Art is Rubbish I do like looking at Guitars. Since a few years ago I have always thought about learning to play Guitar or Bass, and I don’t mean acoustic. In more recent times I have started to look at Guitars in music shops because I like looking at them.

The building I am usually in when I am at UCLAN has a music shop across from it and usually when I come out of the building I go and look at the instruments through the window and there are loads of Guitars on display. You can usually see some Stratocasters and some Gibson Guitars like Tony Iommi uses but you can also see an incredible Guitar called The Beast which is produced by B. C. Rich. While a guitar like a Stratocaster is a curved shape which leads to two horns one bigger than the other. The Beast has sharp corners all around it mixed with curves. The Guitar looks like an outcast like it does not conform with what has become the standard but a Beast is a Monster and it is a Monster of a Guitar.

When I watch music videos I like to look at the Guitars being used and in most cases I can tell what type of Guitar they are using because some Guitars are used more than others like Gibson’s and Fenders. But in some cases I don’t know what they are but these Guitars are still awesome to look at, like the Flying V from Gibson or the ESP Eclipse. I also like to look at Bass Guitars and I know about some Bass Guitars too like the Precision Bass and Mustang Bass, both from Fender.

Guitars are more interesting to look at because they both look good and sound good while Art can only be looked at. They produce some amazing effects when you put them in the right hands; people of note include Tony Iommi, Kirk Hammett, Jimi Hendrix and Seasick Steve. They can also produce some visual effects, particularly if you consider Hammett’s Wave Caster or Ace Frehley’s light up guitar from I Was Made For Loving You.

While I find Art Rubbish I suppose you could class looking at Guitars as my Art and so While I will not understand the moody, sad, depressing world of art I am happy looking at Guitars (and also dreaming of maybe learning to play one day). They look Good, sound Great and overall are Fantastic.





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