Who Am I: Thor Or The Hulk?

12 06 2012

Ok, it is not the kind of question you wake up in the morning with and think to yourself, which one would I be? A few of weeks ago I went to see The Avengers and I quite liked it but throughout the film this question kept beaming into my head.

I really like Thor. Thor is a fantastic character, Big, Tough and Strong. During my third year of Roothill I got a nickname, The Viking. It was all because of my Fantastic Beard and at first I did not like it, but after a few weeks I came to love it. I had an Idea of buying a Viking Helmet and maybe getting a Nerf Battle-Axe. Well I went to see Thor and because of the relationship between the Vikings and Norse Mythology I started to call myself Thor because I liked it. One of my original career plans was to become a Professional Wrestler and part of me would still like to and I have thought about using the name Thor as my name, I have even chosen the perfect Entrance Music.

I also like The Hulk. The Hulk has that anger trait that we all crave, the simple fact that he can actually let his anger out when a normal person will bottle it up (like me really). It would be so great to let the anger out. The way he is also able to channel it in some way as well and almost becomes positive as a result. When I went to see The Avengers, that scene where Fury is bullying Banner and almost try to have him sectioned really got to me. If I was able to control the Big Green Dude inside me I would have let him out immediately. Sometimes I remember times when I was bullied and dream about becoming something like the Hulk and smashing the bullies to pieces. I even have the occasion where I don’t like someone in a TV show or a film for the same reasons and begin to lash out in my own head at them, The Hulk is that Anger that I want to let out (I do like that scene from the 2008 film – you know what I mean, the number of times I have wanted to say that with that amount of Power is abundant).

Here we have 2 Fantastic Characters but if I was to be anyone of them, which one would it be? Well by preference I would choose Thor but if I could not choose (or not have any say in the matter) I probably would be The Hulk. In most cases if I got into a Fight I would probably be unable to control my emotions and would become an uncontrollable monster and with all this Anger built up it is kind of surprising in a way that I am not the Hulk already. However there is another option, I could be both. My Human side could be Thor, this way I would already be Tough and Strong enough to take on any adversary while also having some control, but if things were to get too tough to handle I could just become the Big Green Dude and then Bob’s your uncle, problem solved, or perhaps even a Mutant combination of the 2, It could be named The Thulk.

So to answer the Question and if there is not the choice of being both I would have to answer; Thor by preference but more than likely I would be The Hulk.





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