E3 Press Conference Notes – Sony

14 06 2012

Last week I posted up my notes on Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference, today it is time for the Notes I made while watching Sony’s E3 Press Conference. Sony’s presentations have always been very good since I started watching them in 2010. This year was also A very Good year for Sony, Enjoy.

Nice looking set, very colourful. Was that Killzone I just saw, please be true? Looks less casual than Microsoft, Good.

Jack is back. “Who won E3, Who Lost E3”, well it’s obviously Microsoft. Thank you to all Gamers from Sony, Microsoft doesn’t do that.

Business man of the year is in the audience, Kazuo Hirai, New President and CEO of Sony.

Something about Heavy Rain, David Cage is on stage, I am getting more and more excited about this every second, New Title; BEYOND. Ellen Page stars in this new game, a scene from the game. Good Graphics, the character looks like Natalie Portman. Interesting, nice looking trailer. Best Game of E3 at the moment.

Michael, who’s Michael? PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale, this sounds familiar, hasn’t Nintendo done something similar. PS3 and Vita compatible. Side scrolling gameplay, sounds even more familiar. Faces at the bottom with health bars, OK not percentage but still familiar. Oh they are special Bars, looks interesting but looks more like a copycat.

This cross-platform function looks interesting.

PSN Games, 200 titles over the next 12 months, that is about 16 titles a month. PlayStation Plus free for a year, if you are at the Press Conference. YouTube, Hulu and Crackle to PS Vita, What is Hulu and Crackle?

Call of Duty Black Ops Declassified is being released on Vita. Assassin’s Creed 3: Liberation on Vita, female Assassin this time around, I still have to play the first one. Why do people clap when a new colour is available? Pilot a ship in the game, I like where this is going. Looks Good, if this was a single game in itself it would be fantastic, think of the multiplayer possibilities. It’s available on PS3, Fantastic.

Big News on Far Cry 3. Pretty Good Facial Hair on the Stage. 4 player co-op. Was that train moving, something that was missing from Far Cry 2, I wonder if you can drive them? I am even more excited about it now.

250 titles on PS Move, how money does Kinect have? Andrew House, New President and Group CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment – Nice British Accent. Video game in a book, Wonderbook. J. K. Rowling is doing a game for this new thing – Book of Spells. The trailer for Wonderbook looked better than Book of Spells. This could be really good but needs a visionary mind as well as a creative mind to vision and produce games for it.

God of War Ascension, looks less God like and more Human Traveller like; initially. Some Deer people ok. Is that a Kraken? Green Power. The mechanism for the lift reminds me of something from Fairytale Fights. The Mythical creatures look Amazing. Elephant Man/Warrior/Creature/Thing. A little bit gruesome if you ask me.

What’s going on, there is darkness in the room and strange sounds. Is this another Uncharted game? Something has happened to a city, possibly in America. What is this game, I don’t recognise it. The Last Of Us? (Quick Reading – Brand New Game from Naughty Dog who makes Uncharted) Looks really Good actually, something to keep my eyes on.

Another Fantastic Year for Sony, Where was Kevin Butler?





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