Funniest Ronnie Barker Sketch

16 06 2012

I had this plan to have a post with my top 5 favourite Ronnie Barker sketches. Well at the time I could not decide, so I decided to use science. I decided to use a score system to see how funny the sketches were and took 17 Ronnie Barker sketches to have a range to see how each one compares (it would have been 18 if I could find that Hovis one). I also decided to show my findings in line graphs to show a kind of frequency.

HEALTH WARNING: The following Sketches are Incredibly Funny and should only be viewed by those who can suppress their laughter without needing specialist attention.

Well the score system is as follows:

  • 1 for a Smile
  • 2 for a Snigger/Giggle
  • 3 for Actually Laughing
  • 4 for being Unable To Stop Laughing
  • 5 for Laughing So Much You May Need Medical Help
  • 10 for Dying While Laughing

Basically when I do any of the above I mark it down and then add up the total of all the points and then put both the total and the sequence in Excel. Well if we were to look at the initial sequence/frequency Graph of all the data gathered it would look like this (if you squint you should be able to read what it says).

However this is very confusing so let’s simplify it by looking at the top 10.

Still quite confusing but if we look at the top 5 it is easier to understand.

But still this does not really show which is funniest, ok, looking at the results we get an idea of what might be but we need to look at the overall totals to find out in full.

Apologies for the bad image qualities, Basically the 5 funniest sketches are: Doctor, Minister of Cuts, Drinks, News at Ton and Open University. Here are the scores in full, unfortunately I cannot upload the frequency table bbecause it is too big, Apologies.

So from this we can fully see what are (according to this scientific method) the funniest Ronnie Barker Sketches. But this is only one method and as a whole it may be easier to choose which is the funniest based on personal opinion. Well, click on the links below to see them for yourself so you can come to your own conclusions – Which do you think is funniest? Please let me know.

Open University, Drinks, Policeman, Minister of Cuts, News at Ton, Mispronunciation, Doctor, Pismonuncers, Communications, Hieroglyphics, News Without Film, Symbols, Concert Hall, Consumers Corner, An Appeal for Women, McFarlane Lang, Tomorrow’s Kitchen,

Come back tomorrow to find out which are My Top 5 Ronnie Barker Sketches





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