Matt’s Music Question

19 06 2012

During the last couple of weeks I have answered questions submitted to me by some friends and one person I have not met. A couple of weeks ago it was Pope’s Question, Yesterday it was Mysterious Tim’s Question and today is the first of 2 questions from Matt. In a recent e-mail he posted these 2 (colourful) questions to me:

“The main reason it’s taken me so long to send you a question was because it’s a lot harder to choose just one than it is to think up 10 or 20, and I didn’t want to waste my opportunity on a naff question. The two I like best at the moment are:

  • · “Who do you think is the greatest superhero, and why?”
  • · “What, to your mind, makes the difference between a good piece of music and an exceptionally brilliant one?”

I was busy trying to make up my mind which I preferred, but if I can have both then that neatly solves the problem, doesn’t it”.

The question I am going to answer today is ““What, to your mind, makes the difference between a good piece of music and an exceptionally brilliant one?””. Come back on Thursday to see me answer the other one.

My music taste usually involves a lot of Hard Rock/Heavy Metal as you may know as well as some other things including music from Pendulum, The Prodigy and The Bee Gees (and anything else that takes my fancy), but in order to answer this question I have decided to use just one band as an example instead of referring to several others; the band in Question is Led Zeppelin. A Good piece of music is anything you like which really sticks in your mind, memorable to you and this can be achieved in many ways. Of course it could be through something experimental in the music or come down to how the tune is played out.

Led Zeppelin is one of those bands who have played music you have more than likely heard even if you don’t know you have. There are three songs in particular, Whole Lotta Love, Immigrant Song and Moby Dick. These songs are widely used because of their popularity which also helped to cement Zeppelin as one of the Top 5 Greatest Bands in the history of music.

Whole Lotta Love is used as part of the opening track for TOTP2. Whole Lotta Love has a nice guitar riff which stays the same throughout the song and does not really get higher or lower. It is not used all the time in the song but when you hear it you can’t help but enjoy it and get involved either through some sort of dance or air guitar. There is also the nice inclusion of the bass at the end of the riff to give it some depth. When the drum section is on and no riff it builds up your excitement so when the riff returns you want to thrash out with the tune and join in, but it still surprises you when it returns because you can hear it coming but then it doesn’t, then a little bit more tune and then it comes back with full force with some personalization from Jimmy Page on guitar.

Moby Dick has a similar style, it is more drum focused than guitar based though. The drum becomes the only instrument and it is not till later that the guitar returns. Another tune worth mentioning is Dazed and Confused which is wackier in its tune. It starts off with a heavy slow thrash from all band members, that’s one of Zeppelin’s main features which is to make you want to thrash but without the music becoming thrashy. The tune for D, a, C, later speeds up and almost gains a new tune which is faster but less thrashy as a result. The music has some anger in it wanting to be released but it is trying to control itself.

Finally there is the Immigrant Song which has the most thrashy, heavy sound out of all these songs and while the other songs had combinations of different tunes this has more or less the same tune throughout while still keeping some quitter parts to let Robert Plant sing before Page releases another loud part from the guitar.

To really answer the question you need to think about the different reasons why people listen to music. Some people may just want to listen some other may use music to fill or perhaps release something. I enjoy music as something to listen to but to me Music also helps me to let out the part of me which wants to shout and scream and stomp the ground and make a noise of my own instead of dancing. If the song fills all of these characteristics (enjoyment and the screaming, stomping, shouting, noisy stuff which I have just explained) then it is a Good piece of music to me and Led Zeppelin is a good example because it fills all the right criteria.

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