Matt’s Super Question

21 06 2012

The final of my friend’s questions is here, earlier this week I answered Matt’s Music Question and now it is time to answer Matt’s Super Question.

Who do you think is the greatest superhero, and why?

Well you may know that I am a fan of Thor but he is not the Greatest Super Hero. The answer to this question dates back to 2007 when I was making a list of the top 50 Monsters and Mutants (maybe I should return to that?). Even though I did not finish the list I knew who the people at the top were and in terms of Comic Book Super Hero which is usually what Super Hero refers to there are 2 Comic Book characters in the top 5.

One of them is the mysterious Gambit from X-Men. When you grow up with the X-Men at a young age, Wolverine usually stands out but when you think about it Gambit is the best because he is so cool. Claws coming out of your hands are quite cool but being able to put explosive energy through any object is better. In this case, a pack of playing cards making 52 light grenades. When I read X-Men comics I look forward to seeing Gambit in them. When I watched the cartoons like X-Men Evolution and my favourite cartoon Wolverine and the X-Men I really enjoyed the episode with Gambit in. It was disappointing to not see him in the main X-Men films but there is hope for the future, but I did enjoy his appearance in X-Men Origins played by Taylor Kitsch, I hope he plays the character in the future.

Then there is Blade. Blade is a vampire hunter who is half man and half vampire. I first took an interest in blade when watching Blade The Series (The Best TV Show of 2007 and the Third Best TV Series of all time, well at least to me) in which he is played by Kirk “Sticky” Jones. The excellent characters, the thrilling story lines and Blade’s “I don’t care” attitude to almost everyone around him made him stand out. His fighting style, his look and some of the catchphrases he did were excellent. Since then I have seen Blade Trinity and that had the same style and everything but had a different lead actor, Wesley Snipes.

Choosing between these 2 is tricky; They are both fantastic characters and I like both of them. Originally Blade was higher in the list but just thinking and talking about them now makes me want to have them draw or switch. It is a tricky decision. But the question asks who the greatest superhero is, and because Gambit was sometimes working for the villains that kind of rules him out which means that Blade is the Greatest Superhero.




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