Random Alphabet Quiz 2

23 06 2012

This week is the final week of this Post A Day in June and it is also a special week. Tomorrow is my 200th Post, so to celebrate that I have done a very special post on Japanese Cinema. Also this coming week is a the final of The King Of The Monsters Tournament as well as 4 film reviews, all of them are Japanese films including 2 Godzilla films. That is all happening this week but it is now time for another quiz.

You may remember a few months ago I did a quiz where each answer started with a different letter of the alphabet (26 questions). I enjoyed doing this quite a lot, So I have decided to do another one but this time it will be a little bit different. Last time the answers were in alphabetical order, so question 1 began with A, question 2 began with B and so on. This time however I am going to make it more difficult. Most of the answers will not be in order. The answer to question 1 will begin with an A and the answer to question 26 will start with Z. however, all the other answers will be all over the place, so in order to get them all right you will need to use your own general knowledge with what you have already answered, the more letters you use the less there is to choose from.

Leave a comment with your answers in and I will post up the answers later in a few weeks’ time, Enjoy.

  1. An Orange like fruit?
  2. What is by no means a system of Government?
  3. A Musical Instrument?
  4. A Board Game with Small Green Houses?
  5. An Irish Airline?
  6. The 16th Book of The Bible?
  7. A British TV show hosted by Stephen Fry?
  8. A type of Boat?
  9. Nicholas Cage’s character in Con Air?
  10.  A Finalist in the King of the Monsters Tournament?
  11.  One half of Morecambe and Wise?
  12.  The host city of the 2012 Olympics?
  13.  A Dinosaur that I did a post about?
  14.  The Best Boxing Match that did not really happen?
  15.  The Creatures in Reign of Fire?
  16.  Norwegian Currency?
  17.  A Film that I reviewed in March?
  18.  The Top Gear presenter who built a garden out of Plasticine?
  19.  The Incompetent Economics Reporter for The Day Today?
  20.  A 2003 Channel 4 game show involving cars?
  21.  The London Tube can be found where?
  22.  A tropical country on the northern coast of South America?
  23.  A type of angle?
  24.  What does Missä Miehet Ratsastaa mean?
  25.  A Song originally played by Budgie and released again by Metallica?
  26.  A Place where you can see animals?





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13 07 2012
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