Playing With Food

16 07 2012

It is a common phrase when you grow up, your parents telling you not to play with your food. Playtime is Fun Time and playing with food is one way of making food fun, as such is the case with Food Factory.

Hosted by Stefan Gates, Food Factory is a show about food, but looks more into how food is made,  but it does this in its own unique way. Food Programs are of course nothing new but in recent years they have become a staple of tea time viewing as well as Saturday mornings. These shows come in many different varieties, from teaching how to cook, showing people cook and an inside look of restaurants. However these shows do bring the serious look. The sort of Down to Earth, no fun and in some cases boring. While these may be interesting to watch, in some ways they are not fun to watch, they don’t bring much in the way of happiness or an uplifting tone that makes you want to join in, in some ways it just looks miserable.

Step in Stefan Gates, Gates has taken over the role of presenting Food Factory from Jimmy Doherty. I did not hear about Food Factory until just before it started a few weeks ago, I set the digital box to record and watched it later. When I pressed play I was not disappointed, Food Factory is Awesome. It does not have the miserable tone of shows like MasterChef Goes Large (its real name) or Great British Menu. The whole premise of the show is to simply have fun with food. It takes 2 celebrities and sets them the task of recreating well known food, the 2 celebrities are in competition with each other and everything is done in a style that is reminiscent of Scrapheap Challenge, but with food and set on a farm. The results the teams come out with are interesting which are passed onto a group of taste testers to see which one is best and more similar to what comes off the shelf.

I like to think of Food Factory as Brainiac Food Abuse. While the show is not as bonkers, it’s home-made style of fun is similar and does show that food can be fun. Food Factory is a great addition to the BBC’s menu of food programs and it is through the show’s premise (and the hosts big happy face and the nice opening theme) that will draw you into the fun side of food. Playing with food may be barred from the table, it is not barred from the TV Screen, I quite fancy joining in myself (You can watch Food Factory on BBC One, Mondays at 7:30 PM).




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