Top 5 Heavy Metal Bands That Did Not Appear At The Olympics (Either Ceremonies Or In General)

3 09 2012

From the title you may be thinking “There was Metal at the Olympics?” to which the answer is NO, THERE FLIPPING WASN’T. Apologies if this turns into a rant but the point has to be made that while the Olympic Ceremonies in London this year had a broad range of Great Music including The Who, Queen and Madness, some of the music presented were from useless/pathetic bands. There was of course Paul McCartney singing that Nanananaa Song (Which is Rubbish, someone had to say it) as well as bands like The Arctic Monkeys, Museli and worst of all One Direction. Why was there no Metal, The british invented Heavy Metal and some of the great Legends of Heavy Metal reside in England (Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Motorhead and Saxon). Ok, you may want more independent and perhaps lesser known groups to play, well in that case why not DragonForce. Why do waste our times with nonsense like One Direction when we could have had Motorhead. Why did we finish with Paul McCartney when we could have had Black Sabbath. It does not make sense.

Because of this Lack of Metal I have chosen the Top 5 Metal Bands which should have appeared at The Olympics, anyone of them will have greatly improved the Olympics. The list is not a case of best Metal Band it is a case of which had the best songs and would have made the best impact for the London Olympics. Also, all of the following bands are from Britain.

So for all those disappointed Metal Fans (which includes me) lets show what this country is made of, Heavy Metal Fans UNITE.

5. DragonForce – While there are plenty of other Big Name Metal Bands, DragonForce is a lesser known band when you compare them to Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath. However due to their independent status they become a perfect choice for the Olympics. If they want lesser known acts why not DragonForce. Not only that but their song Through the Fire and Flames is possibly the most watched video on YouTube (if you know of any that has more views than it, please let me know). Much like bands such as Manowar and in someway Brocas Helm their lyrics are all based on Mythology and that theme does fit into Britain’s Strong Medieval History. So with all these positive points I do not see why they were not chosen (I am using Cry Thunder because Everyone has already heard Through the Fire and Flames).

4. Motorhead – One of the greatest legends in the world of music with the God-Father of Heavy Music on Bass and Vocals, these guys are Loud, Fast and Dangerous. They do show that Working Class style of music which started in Britain with Black Sabbath. Motorhead‘s music is more in your face home-made style instead of following certain codes of how music of certain genres needs to be played for most bands. There is not much more than to say but just listen to the music and you will see what I mean, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR, LISTEN TO THE MUSIC.

3. Saxon – Regarded as one of the Best and Greatest Metal Performers and with a name which is strong in British History, SAXON would be a perfect choice for the Olympic Ceremonies. Very few bands these days do sing along sections or get people involved with the Music, Saxon does though. With songs like Strong Arm of the Law (a song about the British Police), And The Bands Played On (a song about the first Download Festival/Monsters Of Rock) and other songs which have a sense of Mythology and Medieval History to them it does not make sense to why they were not chosen to perform. Perhaps the organisers were not too big on English Medieval History, Who Knows (well except for them of course).

2. Black Sabbath – While Black Sabbath is my favourite Band, in terms of the Olympics, their songs  would have been great for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, their songs would not really work for the Olympics as a Whole. If they were at the Opening Ceremony it would have been a whole lot better, “that’s McCartney out of the way and now Ladies and Gentlemen, BLACK SABBATH”. Even if Ozzy was by himself and sang Crazy Train (which would explain the London Underground) that would have been Fantastic, But NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. So Ladies and Gentlemen here for your entertainment (unlike Paul McCartney), here is BLACK SABBATH.

1. Judas Priest – Since the start of the Olympics I have said (CONSTANTLY – IF ANYONE LISTENED IS ANOTHER THING) that Hellion Electric Eye would have been a perfect choice for Olympic Theme as well as Breaking The Law which would have been a great way to explain what a Chav is. While Black Sabbath is the better choice for the Ceremonies, Judas Priest is a Perfect choice for the feel and look of the London Olympics. So without further a do here they are. The Top Metal band for the London Olympics – Judas Priest.

GENEPOOL (I wonder if Danny Boyle is reading this?)




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4 09 2012
Top 5 Heavy Metal Bands That Did Not Appear At The Olympics ... -

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6 09 2012
The Colclough

well, i don’t share your taste for metal (as you might have noticed), but i do agree that some of the music at the olympic ceremonies (especially the closing) was rubbish. the paul mccartney song for one. i never understood the point of that song at all.

7 09 2012

I like Top Gear’s version of the song (they were on an Indian train and got people singing Naan Naan Na Na Na Naan).

7 09 2012
The Colclough

yes, the Naan version was an improvement.

in related news, they played that One Direction thing (i won’t call it a song) on Radio 2 today, they always have Radio 2 playing at the shop where i work and i can’t turn it off, and the wretched noise has been stuck in my head ever since. not happy about that.

7 09 2012

Why not just change it to Radio 4?

8 09 2012
The Colclough

all the radios are up on the ceiling or in hidden corners where i can’t get at them

9 09 2012

Not even with a ladder?

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