MCA – Monster Combat Alliance – Halloween Hospital

31 10 2012

Last month was another big month for the MCA with some more debuting monsters and some more monsters qualifying for the World Title Tournament in December. There are only four places left in the World Title Tournament, here is how it currently looks:

  • Kiryu
  • Rodan
  • Desghidorah
  • Megaguirus

This month we have three qualifying matches for the World Title Tournament. The final spot in the tournament will be decided next month in a match I am going to call the Hostile Takeover Match, more on that later.  This month we of course have the final match in the three part series between Rhedosaurus and Anguiras, there is a match between Godzilla and Battra as well as Titanosaurus and Buraki. All of these matches have a spot in the World Title Tournament at stake. We also have Rodan (KOTM 2012 Champion) vs Zudomon and The Kraken vs Gigan (KOTM 2012 3rd Place), Let the Chaos commence.

Our first match of the evening is The Kraken vs Gigan in a 5 fight match – Gigan goes first.

Gigan Kraken
15 1
13 2
20 10
10 18
13 1

Gigan Wins, Gigan is back on form after last month. After such a fantastic match I am going to give Gigan a spot in the Hostile Takeover match, I think he deserves it. The Kraken adds to his losses, bad luck.

Next up we have the first Qualifying match of the night for the World Title Tournament, Titanosaurus vs Buraki in a 5 fight match – Buraki goes first.

Buraki Titanosaurus
7 17
17 20
6 7
13 7
7 13

Titanosaurus Wins, two victories in a row for Titanosaurus. Buraki did not appear to put up much of a fight this time around compared to last month.

Next, Godzilla returns as he takes on Battra for a place in the World Title Tournament in a 7 fight match – Godzilla goes first.

Godzilla Battra
7 3
1 17
15 13
2 1
2 9
20 15
7 2

Godzilla, Millenium 4th Generation, Toho Co., Ltd. (Toho Kingdom)

Godzilla wins, It was going to be a titanic battle between 2 of our toughest monsters but it was Godzilla who earns that shot at the World Title. Bad luck for Battra.

Up next is a 5 fight match between Zudomon and the King Of The Monsters 2012 Champion Rodan – Rodan goes first.

Rodan Zudomon
15 13
11 13
7 10
16 7
19 12

Rodan Wins, Rodan has another impressive win. While Rodan holds a title more prestigious than any other title in the MCA (and the only title at the moment), Rodan has proven why he deserves a place in the World Title Tournament with another Fantastic Win. Zudomon has just added another loss to his record.

Our final match of the evening will be a 9 fight match as it is the final match in the three part series between Rhedosaurus and Anguiras – Anguiras goes first.

Anguiras Rhedosaurus
5 2
1 5
2 18
1 12
14 12
17 1
12 9
3 11
17 15

Well wasn’t that a match, it was tough either way with both monsters giving it their all but Anguiras wins it making it his second win in the series and winning that all important title spot. Rhedosaurus gave it his all but this time could not cut the mustard, this time.

Well that wraps up another tough month of monster fights we have had some titanic battles and three monsters in particular have gained spots in the World Title Tournament. Next month we only have 3 matches but one of them is going to be big. Seven Monsters in a Hostile Takeover match. Five have fought in the MCA before while two will be debuting. One of which will be one of the most exciting monsters to debut in the MCA, because they are a Human, in my opinion the only Human Strong Enough, Big Enough and Intense enough to take on a monster. The Seven monsters are: Gigan, Gamera, Imoogi, The DeathSaurer, Manda, Gyaos and THE ULTIMATE WARRIOR.

See you next month, Take Care and Watch Out

GENEPOOL (MCA Founder and Chairman)

Godzilla News – Unveiling, Release and Giant Plants

24 10 2012

It has been almost a year since we heard any Major News regarding the Legendary Pictures Godzilla Film. Well recently there has been a lot major News and I have finally got round to writing it up. Firstly at this past years San Diego Comic-Con International during a session by Legendary Pictures a trailer for the film was unveiled. The trailer (which once again is not available on YouTube) apparently depicts Godzilla as the original TOHO Monster and in no way as the 1998 Zilla.

“The teaser trailer included a depiction of Godzilla faithful to the Toho monster, including its roar, and a “gigantic centipede-like monster.”” – Wikipedia

“A city decimated. Completely destroyed. The camera pans by the wreckage of a train, A distant voice is heard reading from the Book of Revelations. The voice sounds very familiar. Dust everywhere. Cars crushed. Holes in skyscrapers. It becomes obvious that the voice belongs to Raymond Burr from the original. We then see a giant centipede-like creature with many arms and legs smoldering. (You know what that means? Monster battles!) The city appears dead as a doornail. Then blackness. THE ROAR. As in THE roar. Huge bass drop. Raymond Burr finishes his famous speech. Dust…then an arm… a hand… with claws. Pan up… the fins. The head. Godzilla. As we know him. The real Godzilla. He roars again”. – Dread Central (Edited for Swear Words).

So the Good news is that it is THE JAPANESE GODZILLA. As I said before I am unable to get hold of the trailer, but here is something that is not far off, possibly even better.

So we have confirmation that it is coming but when. Well, a couple of months later a release date had been announced for the films release. The planned release date is MAY 16th 2014 (there is also the possibility that the film will be in 3D, however if a 2D version comes out too I strongly suggest that you go and see it in that format). Now 2014 is already going to be a big year for cinema with some major films being released that year. However there are 3 other reasons why it is an important year for cinema, Firstly it is the 60th anniversary of Akira Kurosawa‘s Masterpiece – Seven Samurai, Secondly it is the 60th anniversary of the original 1954 Japanese Godzilla Film, Thirdly it is the end of the 10 year hiatus Godzilla has been on since 2004, so within that there is the possibility of 2 Godzilla Films in 2014. So what a way to celebrate the 60th anniversary, 2 Godzilla Films (potentially).

Finally, this not related to the 2014 film but is Godzilla Related as well as BIG NEWS. For many years two Godzilla Films have been involved in a piece of DVD Controversy. Godzilla 1985 (one of my favourite films) and Godzilla vs Biollante (one of three Godzilla films I have not seen, and by far out of those 3 the one I want to see the most) have been available in many countries as well as on Video. However the DVD release has not been satisfactory with people in both America and The UK complaining about this. Well it looks like someone has taken notice and cares. Godzilla vs Biollante is getting released on DVD and Blu-ray on December 4th by Echo Bridge.  Hopefully it won’t be too long until Godzilla 1985 gets the same treatment. Really looking forward to that being released.

With the release of Godzilla vs Biollante onto DVD and Blu-ray soon as well as more news on the Legendary Pictures Godzilla Film, It is an exciting time to be a Godzilla Fan.

GENEPOOL (Someone on TV recently said that James Bond is the longest running Film Series in Cinema History. WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG, They were WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG).

Your Choice 4: A First Time For Everything

15 10 2012

It’s that time of year again, a time when you get to choose which film I review and either make me happy or miserable (in the case of the first and third time – miserable). Originally I was thinking of doing Comedy films but then I had a brilliant Idea. There are many film classics as well as possible future classics I would really like to do (and one I would do if I either got a Billion Views in a month or £1000000 in the bank). Many of these films are part of a series of films too which are also considered some of the best in cinema history. So this month you will get the choice of which series will start first. This month you are in for a real treat, here are your choices:

Jurassic Park – released in 1993, the film became an Instant Classic and Legend of Cinema. With special effects which are still by far the best CGI in cinema history. Starring Sam Neil, Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum and Richard Attenborough, the film (for those who were born yesterday) follows a group of people who get stuck on an island which is a Giant Zoo full of Dinosaurs. It’s success spawned 2 sequels with a third on the way and for 5 years was the highest grossing film of all time. The film is regarded (and is, that’s a fact) one of the Greatest film in the history of Cinema and if you have not seen it, WHY, YOU HAVE HAD PLENTY OF TIME?

Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace – I have always said that I would review the Star Wars films in the proper order. Released in 1999, Episode 1 expanded the story of what was already a Legendary series. The film tells the beginning of a story about a young boy who becomes the most evil person in the Galaxy and the cinemas number 1 villain – Darth Vader. The film in my opinion deserves a lot more credit than it gets from Star Wars fans. With a new age of Special Effects, the films set’s and scenes are incredible, the film also tells the early story of C-3PO, R2-D2, Obi Wan Kenobi and Emperor Palpatine. The film also stars a young Natalie Portman who is today one of Cinemas top Actresses as well as Liam Neeson who today is one of Cinemas top Actors. With some Great Battle sequences and lightsaber duels, this is a fantastic addition to an already Great Film Series.

Planet Of The Apes – Before Space, there was Earth, Before Wars, there was Apes and before Star Wars, the was Planet of the Apes. Starring Charlton Heston and Roddy McDowall, Planet of the Apes was a Sci-Fi classic whose presence still goes strong today. With 4 sequels, a remake in 2001 and a reboot in 2011, this film is one of the original Legends of Cinema. The film won an Academy Award for best Makeup. It tells the story of an astronaut who has travelled into the future to a world ruled by Apes where Humans are nothing but the bottom of the Food Chain. The film also features one of Cinemas greatest endings. If you are up for a true classic, this is the film for you.

X-Men – The film that launched the best of the Marvel FIlm Series. While X-Men is not currently a Classic Film, I would like it for the series to be. The film could be considered the launch film for Hugh Jackman who plays Wolverine who also stars alongside Legendary British Actor Patrick Stewart. While it may not be as great as the previous 3 choices, don’t knock it. The series itself has 2 of the best Super Hero films in Cinema History (X-Men 2 and X-Men First Class). While I could have started with First Class, I decided to start with this one. While Classic films will always have a place in our cinema hearts, there is always room for new and future classics.

Lord Of The Rings: Fellowship Of The Ring – The first film in what is the most overrated film series in Cinema History. While it has some Good Stuff, it is mostly PANTS. While it may be based on a popular book series (which I lost interest in within the first 3 pages) quite a lot of the story does not make sense to someone who has a brain. If you are going to take a piece of jewellery to a place filled with yobos (Sorry, Orks), why would you send 4 children, 2 blokes from your local, a man with a tall hat and a stick (He may be able to break some bones with that), a midget and a tall chav. While some people claim it is a classic, I think it’s boring, because it is.

There are your choices but before you vote, there is one more thing. An extra part of this vote includes a one-off post for each film. The film you choose will have a top ten post related to it. The choices are:

  • Jurassic Park – Top Ten Dinosaurs from the films
  • The Phantom Menace – Top Ten Jedi (Including Sith Lightsaber Users)
  • Planet Of The Apes – Top Ten Ape Names (All Films)
  • X-Men – Top Ten X-Men Characters in Films (Including Wolverine and First Class)
  • Fellowship Of the Ring – Top Ten Races (Not the top ten times Legolas was found guilty of drug use at the Annual Gondor Marathon)

Just something else to consider when you make your vote. To vote just choose one of the 5 films from the list below and click vote. The poll will close at Midnight on the 31st December 2012. The film will be reviewed around about February. So please vote and check back soon to see who wins, Thankyou.

Poll Closed – the Winner is Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace.


A Day In The Life Of Someone Who Lives In The North

12 10 2012

For this post I thought I would do something completely different, well more of a challenge set by the Daily Post which looked quite fun. The main idea of this challenge is to

  • Do something different
  • Do something out of my comfort zone

So, I have decided to do A Day In The Life Post. On Wednesday I took pictures of key events during my day. I will now share these and give you some information too, Enjoy.

Good Morning.

Pop Tarts and Apple Juice for breakfast (even though it is now 11:00 am). Some of my more regular readers may recognise the cup filled with Apple Juice.

I think I will watch Gold Rush and Rookie Blue on Playback.

Fish Finger Sandwiches for Lunch, Yummy.

Time to do some Screenwriting Work.

I need to sort through these videos (Yes, I said videos).

I think I will play on Tekkit for a bit (due to a connection issue I play on Tropico 3 instead).

I think I will watch this DVD I bought the other day while I am on the Computer.

One of my favourite times of the week, playing board games at Juicafe.

Time for my tea, I fancy a Burrito from GoBurrito.

Time for bed, Night Night.

That was an enjoyable experience. at first I thought it would be tricky but I kept my Camera within reach so I could take several pictures. Sometimes it was hard and in some cases I had to take several pictures but overall I think it has worked out well. So an enjoyable task and it would be interesting to do again.


Lightning Strikes Twice But This Time It’s Irish – Clash Of The Titans (2010)

10 10 2012

If you were a Greek God, what would your name and what would you be the God of? Well seeing as I know which Norse God I would easily be (THOR). I suppose I could try this. Choosing one would be easy, I would choose Poseidon. If I was to make one up I would be called TEROS, the God of Monsters. TEROS sounds like Taurus which has something to do with Bulls and so in my case, Monsters. It is interesting to hear all the strange names for Greek Gods, but they are Greek of course, but I did not know that Zeus was Irish.

When I heard (late 2008/early 2009) that Clash of the Titans was being remade, I was excited. If any film deserved a remake it was Clash of the Titans. The legendary film from legendary film maker and special effects pioneer Ray Harryhausen. While his film used stop motion and whose Kraken too is one of the most iconic pieces of cinema, this film would of course use CGI instead of Stop Motion. While some people could have had their reservations about remaking it, I was incredibly excited. Even more so when I saw the trailer. When I had my interview at Teesside University the music from the trailer kept going round in my head. It was the film I was most excited about for 2010 (This film also Won 4 Awards at the Sam’s Rant Film Awards 2010).

The film starts out with a narrator talking about how the Gods overthrew their parents The Titans with a creature made from the skin of Hades. Zeus then becomes God of the sky and creates man, Poseidon becomes God of the Sea and Hades is tricked by Zeus to become God of the Underworld. The Gods stay alive and feed on the prayers and worship of the people while Hades finds sustenance on their pain. After hundreds of years, Man becomes rebellious and declares war on the Gods.

Out at sea a fisherman finds a coffin with a woman and a baby inside it and raises it as his son and calls him Perseus. The boy eventually reaches adulthood and his family has grown but has questions about who he really is. They eventually arrive near Argos (not the shops) and observe as the giant statue of Zeus is destroyed by Men from Argos. Strange Flying Monkey creatures then attack the men. They then come together to form Hades who then destroys the fishing boat. Perseus lives but the rest of his family drown. On Olympus (I Think, it does not really state) the Gods are angry about the defiance and Hades appears telling the Gods that they must strike at the Humans. Zeus agrees and allows Hades to attack the world. Perseus is rescued by the Men of Argos (not the shops) and taken to the King. The King and Queen of Argos are revelling in the joy of attacking the Gods. Andromeda (their daughter) does not like this and goes to Perseus to offer him a drink. The Queen of Argos then says that Andromeda is more beautiful than the Gods. Hades appears and makes the Queen age to death (makes her get older and die of old age) and says that he will unleash The Kraken (the creature that killed the titans) to destroy Argos (not the shops) unless Andromeda is offered as a sacrifice. Before he leaves he reveals that Perseus is the son of Zeus.

Perseus is attacked by the guards and does not believe what hades has said. Andromeda tells the guards to let him go and the king asks him if he can help them. Perseus is then thrown in prison; he is then visited by a woman named Lo who tells him the story of his birth. Many years ago a former king of Argos (not the Shops) Acrisius declares war on the Gods and so to make an image of him and to punish him, Zeus impersonates Acrisius and impregnates Acrisius’s wife. Acrisius finds out and puts his new-born baby and his wife in a coffin. He then gets shocked by lightning turning him into a monster and throws the coffin in the sea. Lo reveals that she has been cursed with Agelessness after refusing Poseidon’s advances and has been watching Perseus all his life. He said to be the only man who can stand up to the gods. Perseus and a few men prepare to leave to find the Stygian witches to find a way of killing the Kraken. Before they leave a prop from the original film, Bubo, the Golden Owl, is found but they say they do not need it. The leave Argos (not the shops) for the witches.

Zeus finds out that his Son Perseus is living in Argos. Hades visits Acrisius (now called Calibos) to ask him to kill Perseus for him so that Hades can kill Zeus. Along the journey, Perseus is guided and told stories by Lo and is given presents that he does not want from the Gods including a Sword and the Pegasus. The group of soldiers are attacked by Calibos who loses his hand. They chase him into the desert where his blood creates Giant Scorpions. They soldiers fight them and manage to kill them. Three more appear, much bigger but are halted by a group of desert sorcerers called Djinn. Perseus is wounded by a bit on his arm and is cured by one of the Djinn. They then (Thanks to the Djinn) ride on the giant scorpions to the Stygian witches. Meanwhile back in Argos (not the Shops, I will stop doing this now) a religious cult is growing in number demanding the sacrifice of Andromeda.

The group arrive at the Stygian Witches and after some convincing, by threatening the loss of their one eye the Witches say that the Kraken can be defeated by Medusa whose gaze will turn all who look at her into stone. They also say that Perseus will die. They journey to the river Styx where Perseus encounters Zeus who asks him to live with them as a God. Perseus refuses and so Zeus gives him a coin for the ferryman. They arrive at the crossing and the remaining Djinn throws the coin into the river which summons Charon (the boatman) who ferries them across the river. When they get there, Lo explains that she cannot enter the lair of Medusa, only men can. They fight medusa and most of the group die, mostly by turning into stone. Using the reflective side of his shield Perseus manages to cut off Medusa’s head. He journeys outside her lair and is confronted by Calibos who kills Lo. Using his sword form the Gods he kills Calibos and then goes to Lo. Lo tells him to go for the eclipse has started. Zeus orders the release of the Kraken and the cult goes to the palace for Andromeda who surrenders herself. Andromeda is put on a sacrificial crane thing and hoisted into position. The Kraken makes its way to Argos with Perseus riding on the Pegasus to get there. Hades then reveals that this was his plan to make Zeus weak. Hades heads off to stop Perseus who once again uses his Flying Monkeys.

The Kraken reveals itself and heads to where Andromeda is. Perseus manages to get to her in time and turns The Kraken to stone with the head of Medusa. Hades appears and Perseus uses the sword of the gods to send Hades back into the Underworld. Perseus then rescues Andromeda from drowning. They eventually wake up on the beach and with boats coming to rescue them Perseus leaves Andromeda who is now the rightful Queen of Argos (not the shops, Woops, Sorry).  despite her asking him to be her King. He then encounters Zeus and once again refuses the offer of being a God. Zeus then revives Lo so that Perseus is not alone.

Clash of the Titans is a very Good film, not good as the original but still very Good. The Cast is a nice blend but I do think Sam Worthington could have been better. Lo (Played by Gemma Arterton) is an annoying character and I will tell you why later. While some people may have issues with Liam Neeson as Zeus, I think he was very Good (so much so I gave his performance an award).

For me the best of the cast is in the side characters. Kaya Scodelario plays Peshest who is the maiden for Andromeda (I Think, her name is not revealed). Even though she only talks briefly she is a good addition to the cast. Andromeda (played by Alexa Davalos who is a lot better than Rosamund Pike in the sequel) is another great character but is also not over the top like some of the characters in the film. Pete Postlethwaite appears in one of the last films he did before his death and though while it is a small brief part is magnificently delivered. But for me Liam Cunningham is the best, he plays Solon and while his character is slightly comedic it is brilliantly done and all his scenes are enjoyable (particularly before the boatman arrives).

The CGI is not basic; it has had a proper go. The originals effects are well known and so the CGI updates it for the current generation of cinema goers but to me the original effects are still the best. Back then it was cutting edge, CGI does not really hold that title anymore because almost everyone can do it. Scenes like these can easily be done whereas back in 1981, only a few people could do those effects. But still, very good, some of the best CGI in recent years.

All these points are good however there are some issues that need to be raised. Firstly, Ralph Fiennes as Hades. Ok at the time of the film he was playing Voldermort and so may have been an obvious choice as a villain. However I did feel his portrayal was a bit too much like Voldermort. He may have been an easy choice as well as carrying that thing of the villain being British but he was almost playing Voldermort and not Hades, I mean, it can’t be helping his career if he is A: Playing Villains all the time and B: Playing Voldermort all the time. At least he got his nose back after it was sliced off during filming of the Harry Potter films.

Secondly, Lo. Lo is an incredibly annoying character that constantly narrates everything and takes away the discovery part of the story. You know what is going to happen next because she said it. It’s like the credits role of the New Doctor Who, it tells us what is going to happen next so we may as well just stop watching. It also removes some of the mythology which the film should thrive on but in a way just turns it into a film instead of a film based on Greek Mythology. Thirdly, Overacting, there seems to be quite a bit of overacting in this film, the film should be called Overacting of the Titans. Fourthly, Continuity. By far the biggest issue is the continuity, in particular the story to the sequel. I will probably bring this up when I do that review. On a smaller note Andromeda has blonde hair in it whereas in this she has black, Wrath of the Titans should just be called Continuity Issues of the Titans. In this they say that the Kraken killed the Titans whereas in the sequel it says that the Titans were killed with a weapon.

The trailer for the film used a Heavy Metal piece which I liked and that genre would fit this film. However there was no Metal in it but the music was heading in the right direction. How many times do I need to say it, Heavy Metal + Fantasy = Fantastic. The Music was generally very good though and still enjoyable. It has though inspired me to make a Fantasy Film with Heavy Metal in it for the soundtrack. Unleash the Beast by Saxon would work for this film.

There is one other thing that needs to be said about this film. When it was released I knew about Legendary Pictures plans to make a New Godzilla film. When I saw the Kraken in this I thought that providing the effects are at least that Good then Godzilla should be Fantastic. So as a fan I gave Legendary my Permission to make a new American Godzilla film. A few days after seeing this film, Legendary gets the Go Ahead.

With its combination of Good Music, Great Actors, and Fantastic Special effects, Clash of the titans is a very enjoyable film. While it is not as Good as the original it is still a film that should be seen. It would be good to do a comparison between this film and the original just to see how it stacks up (I am sure there was more content in the original than in this). For now let us enjoy this one and enjoy what is a Great story and a Good Film.

GENEPOOL (Please leave your Greek God ideas in the comments, I would be interested to read them. If you are any of my Blogging Friends (Heather, Regan, TimHannah, LukeJosh or Matt) this could be a Blog Challenge)

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