Top 5 KISS Songs

3 10 2012

One year ago I discovered the Music of KISS (the rock band not love songs). Even though I had known about them for a Long Time I did not consider myself a fan but on discovery of their music I became a fan and for about 3 to 4 months I was listening to their music and almost nothing else (no Metallica, Saxon or Black Sabbath). Now that a year has passed I thought I would give you my top 5 KISS Songs.

For those of you not in the know KISS are a Legendary American Rock Band and while their music is not Metal is sometimes considered it but they are more Heavy/American Rock. However if you look at them you will see that they are not an ordinary band. KISS are well known for wearing face paint and Dark (Black and White) Flamboyant Costumes. They also introduce some theatrics to their shows (inspired by Alice Cooper), mostly from the Bass Player which includes blood spitting and fire breathing. While they may be odd compared to other bands around the world, they are one of the most successful acts in the world. They have also been featured in several Music Top Lists. Not only this but they have one of the largest Fan followings in music (referred to as the KISS Army). They are:

Paul Stanley – Lead Vocals and Guitar

Gene Simmons – Bass and Vocals

Eric Carr/Peter Criss/Eric Singer – Drums and Backing Vocals

Mark St. John/Bruce Kulick/Vinnie Vincent/Ace Frehley/Tommy Thayer – Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals

Together they are KISS.

5. Detroit Rock City – Not to be confused with one of their films Detroit Rock City is usually used as the opening song for the band when performing live. The song begins with a heavy riff and then turns into a loud vibration before once again entering the riff. For most of the song it is just a vibration but during parts there is some riffing. Then about halfway through there is a sweet and not so heavy riff before the song re-enters its combination of riffs and vibration while also combing some more of the solo. Detroit Rock City while not being as heavy as some songs is in itself an Amazing Song.

4. God Of Thunder – Possibly The Heaviest of Heavy Songs, and that is not just for KISS. The song is sung by Simmons and is almost telling a story as it is sung. While it could be considered a song about Thor it is technically a song about Zeus because it does mention a lot of stuff from Greek Mythology. The song is mostly Heavy through riffing instead of vibration even though it does feature some but the solo this time around is a lot more dark but that does fit in with the style of the song. I have said many times that if I was a Professional Wrestler I would use this song as my Entrance Theme. It is a Great Song.

3. Rock and Roll All Nite – What is seen of as more of an anthem to both Rock and Roll and KISS, Rock and Roll All Nite really shows what kind of music KISS is, not metal just Good Old Rock. While many fans consider this to be KISS’s Best Song and their favourite as a result I think it does not compare to some other songs. But that does not mean it’s bad. While still featuring some vibration like with Detroit Rock City it is more riffy and is music that gets you off your feet and want to move, sing, shout, dance, scream to the power of the guitar when it’s used in this context (genre wise) and like all Good KISS songs it features a Solo. Enough stalling let’s just hear some Good Old Rock.

2. Psycho Circus – Back in February and March when I was mostly Angry I thought about doing a Top 5 Songs That Gets The Anger Out, and this was always going to be in it. Very riffy, Very heavy and some vibration. The song is a combination of different styles so such as you get lots of acts at a circus you get lots of styles of music in this, there is some Heavy and later on there is some calm. The song also features one of the best Guitar Solos in Music (particularly when you combine it with the images in the music video). The song has an amazing Music Video which combines many images with the music that is accompanying it (like the circus again). All in All it is an incredible song (the song is also featured in an amusing video involving Michael Jackson) and well worth a listen even if you are not a fan of KISS or this genre of Music. Go on Treat yourself and Listen to this Fantastic Song, also keep an eye out for the Rocket Powered Guitar (apologies if an advert pops up, just skip it).

1. I Was Made For Loving You – While more like a disco track than a rock song, I Was Made For Loving You is a Fantastic Song. It is quite possibly the most viewed Music Video on YouTube. It is very hard to describe how it is played because of its disco sound. There is hardly any vibration and is very riffy, but very quick. The music’s opening has a great sound which sets it up ready for Stanley’s intro which brings the heaviness. The song continues like this for most of the song then goes into a heavy solo in two parts, opening with a Fantastic Bass Solo and then into a Great Guitar Solo. The song’s lyrics also make it a fantastic Love Song too (so in some way it works with the band name). The chorus in particular is something anyone can join in with. But more than that the sound of the music has a sort of Je ne sais quoi (something you can’t put your finger on) about it. Something about this song which makes it Fantastic, but I don’t know what. Well at least it is there, because without it it would not be my Favourite KISS Song.

GENEPOOL (That rocket powered Guitar did inspire me for an idea for Arbitrary Stopframe).



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17 10 2012

Can’t argue with the list, here’s their latest video skit as thanks.

18 10 2012

Thanks for the link, it Rocked.

20 03 2013
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