A Day In The Life Of Someone Who Lives In The North

12 10 2012

For this post I thought I would do something completely different, well more of a challenge set by the Daily Post which looked quite fun. The main idea of this challenge is to

  • Do something different
  • Do something out of my comfort zone

So, I have decided to do A Day In The Life Post. On Wednesday I took pictures of key events during my day. I will now share these and give you some information too, Enjoy.

Good Morning.

Pop Tarts and Apple Juice for breakfast (even though it is now 11:00 am). Some of my more regular readers may recognise the cup filled with Apple Juice.

I think I will watch Gold Rush and Rookie Blue on Playback.

Fish Finger Sandwiches for Lunch, Yummy.

Time to do some Screenwriting Work.

I need to sort through these videos (Yes, I said videos).

I think I will play on Tekkit for a bit (due to a connection issue I play on Tropico 3 instead).

I think I will watch this DVD I bought the other day while I am on the Computer.

One of my favourite times of the week, playing board games at Juicafe.

Time for my tea, I fancy a Burrito from GoBurrito.

Time for bed, Night Night.

That was an enjoyable experience. at first I thought it would be tricky but I kept my Camera within reach so I could take several pictures. Sometimes it was hard and in some cases I had to take several pictures but overall I think it has worked out well. So an enjoyable task and it would be interesting to do again.




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