18 01 2013

HMV Shop

Unless you don’t have access to a TV, Radio, Newspapers or the Internet (which brings up questions about how you are able to read this) you cannot have failed to notice that HMV is in trouble as in it is now in Administration. The shops are remaining open (at least in the UK) while Administrators try to both stabilise the business and find a buyer. Well the other day I did find the perfect buyer (in my opinion) for the brand and that is in the Japanese Company Hankyu Hanshin Toho Group who have interests in Trains, Finance, Retailing, Real Estate and Media. Anyway that is just my opinion (look at the size of the company).

Hankyu Hanshin Toho Group

Anyway the main reason for this post is to hopefully give some financial support for HMV by hopefully interesting people to look and buy films from what I think is both the most overlooked section of the store as well as the most underrated therefore increasing HMV’s cash flow and get them out of administration. If HMV Fall, the rest of high street will follow. So today (18/01/2013) in Lancaster I went into HMV and headed for the World Cinema section, an area filled with some of the Best Films in Cinema History. I then chose a selection of films that I have either seen or are well known (so that I have at least heard of them). I then jotted down their prices and I am now about to post these films up. Now while I will link them to a site about them, I will also give you a link for my review of them (if I have previously reviewed them). However I will not give you a picture of them because that will take forever, you will need to rely on the link (the links are in Bold, Black, Italic writing). I also thought, to spice it up for you and also because I thought it would be fun to try and make it look like a Sale Video, a bit like the one Charlie Brooker did for the London Riots.

Kicking off on the 10th January 2013 it is HMV 25% off sale. Head over to the World Cinema section with your cash, cheque book or card and get ready to Spend Spend Spend. Azumi was £10 now £7.50, get the sequel for £5.25 while the sale remains. Have you visited Spain, well visit it again with some mystical creatures, buy Pan’s Labyrinth, was £11, now £8.25 (review). Do you like watching nothing but the Best Films, why not check out Rashomon, was £1o now £7.50, why not add to it with the Legendary Seven Samurai was £7 now £5.25 (review), but wait there’s more, why not add Yojimbo to your collection, was £7 now 5.25, and the deal just keeps getting better, Stray Dog was £6 now £4.50, why not add another classic to it with Ikiru, was £6, but you can have it for £4.50. But wait there is even more, buy Sanjuro, was £14 now £10.50, The Hidden Fortress, was £7 now £5.25, Throne of Blood, based on Macbeth, this one is set in Japan, was £14 now £10.50 and if that is your sort of thing you may want to purchase RAN which is based on King Lear, was £10, now £7.50 (review).

RAN (Toho Co., Ltd. - 1985)

But why stop there when you could buy one of the Best Films this Century in the form of 13 Assassins, was £8 reduced down to just £6, or why not watch a three-man collaboration in the form of Tokyo!, 3 top directors, one film, was £9 now £6.75. Do you like to see people get hurt, want some good old martial arts action, then check out Ip Man, was £4 now only £3 and why not buy the sequel with it for only £4.50 while the sale is on. Why not check out Ong-Bak, was £6 now £4.50. But wait there is more, why not a triple bill of Bruce Lee with Way of the Dragon, The Big Boss and Fist of Fury for £4.50 each and then why not gulp a history lesson of the man with Dragon The Bruce Lee Story, was £5 now £3.75. Why not check out House of Flying Daggers too, was £12 now £9. Battle Royale was £7 now £5.25. If you’re a fan of The Hunger Games and you are over 18 you may want to give it a go, but why not buy it with Battle Royale 2, was £10 now £7.50. Perhaps you would like to take a trip to Norway and visit some Trolls, well in that case Troll Hunter is for you, was £7 now only £5.25.

Troll Hunter (SF Norge - 2010)

With over 277 shops world wide you know where to pick up a copy of any of these above films, but remember, sale and some stores may not last, see the news for more details, MUST END SOON, PLEASE LET IT ALL END SOON.





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