24 01 2013

I found this article Thoroughly and Very Interesting, so I thought I would share it with you.


In an excellent “introduction to a much larger article” article, the ever-awesome i09 has released some excellent tidbits from the current re-writer of Legendary’s GODZILLA. Yes, the entire film is in jeopardy right now thanks to a multi-faceted producer’s lawsuit – but hey, lets focus on the good news shall we? Frank Darabont (of Walking Dead Fame – terribly talented fellow) had the following to say about his take on the giant gray behemoth:

gojira1What I found very interesting about Godzilla is that he started off definitely as a metaphor for Hiroshima and Nagasaki. And some of the atom bomb testing we were doing in the South Pacific in the subsequent years. The giant terrifying force of nature that comes and stomps the shit out of your city, that was Godzilla. Filtered through the very fanciful imaginations of the Japanese perception. And then he became Clifford the Big Red Dog…

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