Sam’s Rant – Curly Wurly Price Increase

6 02 2013

Cadbury Curly Wurly

It has been a long time since I did a Rant, but there are major reasons why that is. Mainly because it involves having to split the ones which are safe to do and those that are too personal. Another reason could be that there has not been much to (safe) Rant about. That was until the other day when I was at University and wanted to buy a Curly Wurly.

Kelloggs Nutri-Grain Elevenses

Well I had just had lunch and was going to do some work in the library, so I went to buy a drink and a snack. After looking through all the cake bar things and finding absolutely nothing that seemed edible, in particular I was looking for one of those Nutri-Grain Elevenses Bakes things which have the bad marketing scheme of aiming it at the Elevenses market because most people (like me) would buy them any time of the day therefore beating their purpose completely pretty much like what people do for After Eights but when you think about almost any time of day is after eight because even 5 am is after 8 yesterday. When it says After Eight, which eight are they talking about, although you could see it as a pun for after you ate, hahahahahahahahaha.

Nestle After Eight

Any way I was looking for a Nutri-Grain Elevenses Bakes and upon finding nothing went into the mainstream chocolate collection and decided to buy a Curly Wurly. I knew it would only cost me 20p because they have always only cost 20p, un less you think of those extra-long ones which are only available to buy in Bath at the Cadbury’s Shop or Kraftwerk shop if you want to be pedantic and cost something like £1.40 which does not make sense seeing as a Curly Wurly is only 20p and so the Extra Long ones should only be 40p, it’s simple math’s KRAFTWERK.


Anyway, now that I had my Curly Wurly and a Strawberry Milkshake bottle thing, so not exactly a Milkshake, more like bottled milk, which is pretty much how it comes in the first place, after the cow that is. I went up to the checkout and discovered that the Curly Wurly was 35p, not 20p. Why? Why did you change the price Kraftwerk? Fine, you bought Cadbury’s but why did you then decide to increase the price of something cheap and popular. Well there could be many reasons, and while we are on the subject of Riesen’s, why do you not make them anymore, they were fantastic, Bring back Reasons and perhaps Spira’s too, thanks.

Riesen and Spira

Anyway, there maybe several reasons why they increased the price of Curly Wurly’s, including Money problems and buying out Cadbury’s in the first place. Well in that case it could be understandable. I know we are all in a Recession Thingy at the moment but still, WHY OH WHY DID YOU INCREASE THE PRICE OF THE CURLY WURLY BY 15p? This Rant is probably going to be just filled with more ways of saying the same question over and over again. But still, the point stands. Why do I have to pay an extra 15p for something that was originally and long lastingly just 20p? Bring Back the 20p Curly Wurly I say.

GENEPOOL (It’s Good To Be Back)




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