Five Months Until Pacific Rim

12 02 2013


It is now just Five months until one of the years biggest films is released. A film which I have rated as the second most exciting film of this year, beaten only by another Monster Movie. The film in question is Pacific Rim. Directed by the Legendary Guillermo del Toro (Blade 2 and Pan’s Labyrinth)the film is about the battle of survival as the Human Race is attacked by Giant Monsters and deploys Giant Robots called Jaegers to defend themselves. The film has drawn its inspiration in two ways. Of course it draws some if not most of its inspiration from Japanese Kaiju films (like Godzilla) but also from a painting by Francisco Goya called The Colossus. It is from this painting that Del Toro drew inspiration from.

Colossus Godzilla

The film will star Charlie Hunnam (Sons Of Anarchy), Rinko Kikuchi (Babel and the upcoming 47 Ronin) as well as Idris Elba (The WireLuther, Thor and Prometheus). The film also stars Ellen McLain (The computer voice in Portal and Portal 2 other wise known as GLaDOS) as the AI for the robots.

Pacific Rim (Legendary Pictures - 2013)

The film has already been filmed but it has been given a July release probably because it would make more money. From what has already been shown in both the teaser trailer and the official trailer, the film looks Fantastic. It looks like a del Toro film in its visuals as it looks more like a piece of art in its visuals than a standard shot action film. As the film is still a few months off only a few details and visuals have been released and so in a way that allows me to do a proper preview in June much like I did for Prometheus. It is now only 5 months until Giant Robots and Giant Monsters do battle.

GENEPOOL (Also, why not check out this video of the trailer with the theme for Power Rangers)



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