Akira Takarada to Cameo in Legendary’s GODZILLA!!!

28 03 2013

It has been confirmed that the Godzilla Veteran Akira Takarada will be appearing in the new Legendary Pictures Godzilla Film. Takarada has appeared alongside the Big Lizard on six previous occassions including the 50th Anniversay Film – Godzilla: Final Wars as well as the original 1954 film.

Read the full article here: Akira Takarada to Cameo in Legendary’s GODZILLA!!!.



2 responses

30 04 2014
Tim Bean

Since you reported on Akira Takarada’s casting in Legendary’s Godzilla it may interest you to know his cameo was cut from the movie in the eleventh hour. a grass roots movement by the same people whose effort got him cast has been started to convince Legendary to change their mind through this on line petition. It may interest your followers.http://www.thepetitionsite.com/127/717/655/put-akira-takarada-back-into-legendarys-godzilla/

1 05 2014

That’s a shame, but who knows, it may be on the Extended DVD Release, when it gets released.

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