1 04 2013

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A few weeks ago I was engaged in a long discussion through my comments with my friend Matt. It was here that I came up with an idea. So as you can see by the title I am launching a new series of Blog Posts that will take place here every three months which will give readers a more in-depth knowledge of films. How does this work, well it’s simple really. Every 3 months I will set a film for whoever wants to join in to watch. After three months passes I will give participants some questions about the film to answer (I will give some questions on the reveal post to just to get you thinking) and there are 3 ways in which to answer them; Blog Post, Video Post or simply through the comments at the bottom of the post. That post will also show the details of the next film that will be studied.


When it comes down to the method in which participants may take part, it is entirely up to them. If the participants have a Blog or something along those lines, they may want to use the format to take part in this. If participants are not ones for writing much but would like to be involved they could make a video. Or if they prefer too they could just leave their feedback to the questions asked by simply leaving a comment. Whichever way you decide to take part, I only ask that you leave a link be it a video or blog post in the comments section just so I can have a read/watch for myself, as well as leave a link to the original post so their readers know what you are talking about and why you are doing it. Don’t forget that it is not compulsory to answer all/any of the questions but they do give you some ideas of what to think about when you are producing and presenting your response. So, now that all the major writing is out of the way, lets move on to the subject of the very first movie study; and it is pretty easy to guess what it is from reading the title. The film in question is of course the critically successful and cult classic Japanese Film BATTLE ROYALE.

Battle Royale (Toei Co., Ltd. - 2000)

Based on the novel of the same name by Japanese Author Koushun Takami. Described as Lord of the Flies for the 21st Century as well as being known as the most controversial book of the 20th Century, the story of the film revolves around a group of captured high school children placed on an island and forced to kill each other. While this may sound similar to many of you as The Hunger Games, do remember that Battle Royale (both book and film) were released before The Hunger Games was first published. The film was directed by Kinji Fukasaku and was released in 2000 and was met both with critical acclaim and controversy over its ideas. To date the film holds an 86% rating on Rotten Tomatoes as well as an 89% audience rating.

Because the film is an interesting topic I decided it was possibly the Best Film to start the series on. So, for those who wish to participate, you have 3 months to watch Battle Royale. I will give you some questions to think about now and I will give you all the questions in 3 months time (July). Then in 3 months time I will also tell you which film will be looked at next along with some more questions.

Here are some taster questions for you:

1. Throughout the film there are 2 major riddles/questions being asked and don’t get answered until the end. Are these particularly questions necessary? If yes, why yes and if not, why not?

2. Do the weapons provided to the students/competitors reveal anything about who they are as a person?

3. What assets does the Battle Royale Program use to make the students kill each other?

4. Why do you think that the Battle Royal Program was set up in the way it is depicted (Format)?

5. If you were made to compete in Battle Royale, how would you react and what would your tactic to survive be?

Battle Royale Class

I am already anticipating and looking forward to reading/watching any responses you make towards this. I may even attempt to answer some of the questions myself, but maybe not at first as this is not really about me, it is about you and your opinions.

GENEPOOL (Don’t forget to check back in June as I will be posting up a film review of Battle Royale).



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