Film News – Catching Fire and Other Things.

16 04 2013

Katniss Everdeen

Some time has passed since the last time I did a general film news round-up and there has been some updates, so here is the latest news in the movie world. As you may notice by the title and the picture, there is some news on the sequel to The Hunger Games; Catching Fire. The Main news being that the trailer has finally been released. The Hunger Games was one of Last Years stand out films, and while it was not the highest grossing film of last year it did set some records of its own. I was originally unsure about the film when I first heard about it but after seeing it, I loved it and I am currently two-thirds of my way into the second book (that book being Catching Fire). The new film will once again star Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and the Brilliant Donald Sutherland and will be directed this time around by Francis Lawrence. The trailer looks very interesting and sorts of sets the mood to how the next film is going to be. The film is set to be released this coming November, and while that is sometime away, the release of the trailer shows that the film is now incoming and won’t be long until we finally get to watch it. Here is the trailer, check it out.

Now for a quick roundup of other news.

Elysium (TriStar Pictures - 2013)

Elysium finally has a proper poster and so I won’t have to keep using the District 9 poster every time I refer to it. A trailer has also been released, it looks absolutely incredible and has a sense of the Director’s (Neill Blomkamp) previous film District 9. Elysium which stars Matt Damon and Jodie Foster is scheduled to be released in August.

Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa (StudioCanal - 2013)

Finally, I have just discovered that both a title and a trailer for the upcoming Alan Partridge film has been announced. Not much idea on what the plot is, but if Alan Partridge is anything to go by, expect plenty of laughs in what could be the funniest film this year, the title itself is quite funny; Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa. The film is set to be released in Early August.

That’s all the major film news for now, don’t forget to check back soon for more, thank you.

GENEPOOL (don’t forget to have a look at the film study series I recently started, the first film being Battle Royale)



6 responses

17 04 2013

They put the Catching Fire trailer up on Hulu too. My 10 year old is going to squeal in my ear, and then probably shit her pants when I show it to her. She can’t get enough of that series (she read all the books too).

17 04 2013

I have not used Hulu once, I know about it though.

17 04 2013

We have Hulu Plus, Netflix and a Roku box so we don’t have cable any more.

17 04 2013

I prefer the old fashioned way of buying things instead of subscribing. That way, I only have to pay once.

17 04 2013

For us the $15 bucks a month for both services is just so much cheaper than cable. But to each their own! 🙂

Great blog BTW.

18 04 2013

Thank you very much, thinking of subscribing?

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