Forget The Avengers Sequels, I Want A New Blade Film

29 04 2013

Blade Trilogy

With the recent release of Iron Man 3 and the upcoming release this year of Thor: The Dark World, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is beginning to expand beyond its original conception; and why not, it is a successful series. Add to this other successful Marvel Franchises like the X-Men and Spiderman and it is clear to see that Marvel are not leaving any stone unturned within any of their franchises when adapting into films……….except for one, and it is a big one. It is the franchise that kickstarted all the Marvel Films all the way back in 1998, BLADE.

Blade Trinity - Biel, Snipes and Reynolds

Blade is a Vampire Hunter as well as one of the most interesting characters in all of the Marvel Franchises. He is a dangerous person, no doubt about it, almost indestructible, but he is also cold, does not show much (or any) emotion. He is the kind of guy who would go into an enemy stronghold, through the front door and into reception before killing everybody (who is a threat that is). In terms of his movie career, his first film was back in 1998 followed by two sequels in 2002 and 2004. The films starred Wesley Snipes in the title role and Kris Kristofferson playing the part of Blade’s Mentor. The films also starred many major actors and actresses around today including Udo Kier, Ron Perlman, Danny John-Jules, Jessica Biel and Ryan Reynolds. Following on from the film series was also an Incredible TV Series starring Kirk Jones as Blade along with Jill Wagner and Neil Jackson. So with all this success, why is it that the Last Blade film was released back in 2004 while all the other Marvel Franchises have received constant attention?

Since Blade Trinity was released there has been an assortment of films:

So with this Great assortment of films (19 in total), I continue to ask the Question, Where is Blade?

It is even more interesting considering the success that Vampire based films have achieved in the last few years. I am of course talking about films like The Twilight Saga starring Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson which as a whole has grossed over Three Billion Dollars Worldwide. As well as the Twilight Saga you also have the Underworld Series starring Kate Beckinsale which also includes Vampires. So once again I ask the question, Where is Blade?

Underworld and Twilight

In terms of how the film’s were presented, they were different to every other Marvel Film. The Blade series had a dark tone to it while also having a lot of action too, but not just that, it had great characters. The film’s were involved in their own storylines and had no connection with other Marvel Franchises, something it shares with the X-Men series. By being contained, it does not explode and can keep its quality at a high standard. You as a viewer are not having to think about a lot of things and can enjoy the film more as a result as you are only concentrating on the here and now instead of the when. Blade also targeted the more mature audiences and so was able to have an exciting story along with huge amount of action as well live up to its dark depiction in the comics as well. So why is Blade not getting any attention like every other Marvel Character?


All of these things aside, I would love to see a New Blade film, and I don’t mean a reboot, I want a sequel. I want Wesley Snipes in the lead role, I would quite like to see Jessica Biel make a return too. You could have Guillermo del Toro return to direct it. What is stopping Marvel? They have the movie rights to produce it. The Avengers films are sure to both be good and produce lots of money, stop worrying about them and bring back the one responsible for starting Film Productions back in 1998 (Don’t put Blade in the Avengers though, it won’t work, I will say why later). It has been far too long (About Nine Years) since the Best Vampire Slayer in Movie History last made an appearance. Marvels continued success at the box office proves that now is the right time to bring Blade back. Forget the Avengers, it’s time for a New Blade Film.




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29 04 2013
Ben Sutton

I would also like to see more Blade films I think they were great. Though I do feel you missed the point that Fox own the rights to the Xmen films, sony the rights to spiderman so although they are marvel characters in origin in terms of films they are separate from marvel films and all the marvel films, much like the comics are linked because they all take place in the same ficticious universe.
There are a number of reasons for there not having been a blade sequel in the years since blade trinity. Firstly that film did essentially end the story as they implied they had cured the vampire problem. That film was also poorly received compared to the first two by both critics and fans. Then the TV series, my word, you say amazing i thought it was an abomination and was rightly cancelled halfway through its first series because it was just awfull.
Then possibly the biggest issue was Wesley Snipes’ tax evasion and the fact he has been in prison the last two years, he is also nearly 50 now and could well be past the fantastic martial arts and action these films are known for. Then with the rights for the character now back with Marvel it would be interesting to see what they do with the character, if anything.
I would be more interested in seeing Guillermo Del Toro finish off his Hellboy trilogy and as it was a passion project of his I feel he may still do that. I cant imagine he would come back to the blade series though he’s gone on to much bigger and better things.

29 04 2013

I did not miss the point with seperate companies owning the rights to the series, I was merely just stating that I prefer it when the stories are inside themselves and don’t heavily rely on other characters from other franchises. This way the story does not over explode (The Avengers). I like Blade Trinity, and when I say Incredible TV series, I say that in my own oppinion. If I enjoy something, that is my right to say how much I liked it. If you did not like it, that’s fine. – (copied from my Facebook page).

I too would like to see a New Hellboy Film, it just depends on when Guillermo Del Toro has enough of Giant Robots (still looking forward to Pacific Rim).

29 04 2013

Don’t write off Snipes Age, Sylvester Stallone is still producing action films.

Who would you like to see Portray Blade if not Snipes?

29 04 2013
Ben Sutton

Im not writing snipes off, Van damn is in his fifties and can still kick ass. Snipes has actually signed up with Stallone for Expendables 3! Maybe his appearance in that can help gauge where he is at now and if he still has the draw to warrant another Blade movie.
If not him, I dont know he’s an excellent fit. There are likely young actors out there we havent heard of who can do the required martial arts and action but can they bring the stone cold charisma to the role? I dont know.
And yes it will be interesting to see if Guilermo has time to make another Hellboy between his other projects

29 04 2013

Well, providing that the bloke has Martial Arts Skills and can act, whoever it is should be a whole lot better than Quinton Rampage Jackson was in the A-Team film.

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