Random Alphabet Quiz 3

16 05 2013


It’s time for another Random Alphabet Quiz. Here is how it works:

  • 26 Questions.
  • Each Answer begins with a letter from the Alphabet.
  • Each Answer is in Alphabetical Order (Question 1 = A, Question 2 = B, so on).
  • Answer as many as you can, either write them down or leave a comment.

So that’s how it works, enjoy.

  1. A Japanese Animation Film by Katsuhiro Otomo?
  2. The Name of a Batman Villain that appears in The Dark Knight Rises?
  3. A British Actor who had appeared in 199 films by the end of 2012?
  4. The first James Bond film?
  5. The capital city of Scotland?
  6. An American Fantasy artist who has been inducted into both Jack Kirby Hall of Fame and the Will Eisner Comic Book Hall of Fame?
  7. The first book in a series of six by young adult author Michael Grant?
  8. A 2011 Japanese Remake by Takashi Miike based on a film of the same name by Masaki Kobayashi?
  9. The American name for Quantic Dreams 2005 video game Fahrenheit?
  10. A Legendary Stand-up comedian from Birmingham?
  11. A 2005 Japanese Video Game by Suda 51?
  12. A Car Company that produced the Stratos?
  13. An extinct species of Mammal related to Elephants?
  14. The source of this river was recently discovered by the Top Gear Trio?
  15. A game involving plastic body parts and electricity?
  16. A British Artist whose work includes paintings of Dragons, Unicorns and Stonehenge?
  17. A Fantastic Dice Game by WizKids Games?
  18. A 1987 Sci-Fi film by Paul Verhoeven?
  19. One of the three starters in the first 151 Pokémon?
  20. A Marvel Character that appears in The Avengers?
  21. A Swiss global financial services company located in Zurich and Basel?
  22. A Graphic Novel by Alan Moore?
  23. The surname of the Scottish Inventor and Engineer who developed the concept of Horsepower?
  24. Microsoft’s current Home Video Game Console?
  25. A popular video sharing website?
  26. A system of postal codes used by the United States Postal Service?





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