Eurovision Reaction 2013

19 05 2013

Emmelie de Forest

Another Fantastic Year of singing arrived last night as The Eurovision Song Contest took place in Malmö Sweden. Sweden won the contest last year with their successful win with Loreen singing Euphoria. In a remarkable change this year though, the winning song was not shown at the beginning of the show. Instead, a new anthem for the contest was shown with a flag ceremony for the show’s acts which reminded me of the chariots scene from The Hunger Games. The song Euphoria was eventually played as the climax of a series of songs sung together by last year’s winner Loreen.

The presentation of the event was one of the strongest in the show’s history with the show being presented by native comedian Petra Mede. It made a nice change from the standard format of two presenters, one male the other female. It also meant that she was not being held down by the male presenter and could make the job her own, she even conducted the halftime show with a song and dance routine and even included little bits of comedy every now and again. In my opinion I think there should be more of those flash dances that Norway did in 2010.

The competition as a whole had a nice variety of Acts. Armenia had an interesting entry, interesting as the song was composed by Black Sabbath Guitarist Tony Iommi. The song’s overall started off quite well with a nice introduction from France. The song’s continued with some other Good entries from Belarus and Germany (which did sound a bit like Euphoria). But when it came to my Vote as in the county I decided to vote for, I chose the entry from Norway. I liked its heavy style and in some case did remind me of The Prodigy. Throughout the judging of the songs I was constantly willing it on to win. In the end it finished with a respectable 4th place.

The United Kingdom did better this year than last, 3 more countries voted for it than last year’s four and finishing with 23 points overall (11 more than last year) and placed 19th; which is not to bad for the UK considering the recent history. The voting this year was a close one, to begin with many songs were climbing for the top spot continuously but when Denmark (Only Teardrops by Emmelie de Forest)  got the foothold it pretty much held it until it won the contest, however Azerbaijan (the previous year’s host) for a long time were in a position to overthrow it. But with 4 countries left to vote, Denmark had already Won. Bizzarely though, unlike previous years Denmark were announced as the winner with countries still left to vote, it was only after the announcement that the voting continued, but this was probably for the benefit of getting the winner out and ready quickly.  The vote was close overall with the winning song not getting a record score and instead winning with 281 points; 11 points off from Finland’s Victory in 2006. It was another Great year for Eurovision, the winning song was actually quite nice and it was Good to at least see that the Favourite won so there won’t be all this political voting nonsense ruining the entire show. Eurovsion remains one of the Best music events of the year and one of my Favourite events of the year. In 12 months time the show will return, so lets now enjoy all the Great Music from this year and Celebrate Denmark’s third victory in the contest.

GENEPOOL (Denmark did quite well in 2010 coming fifth with one of my favourite songs from that year).




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