Random Alphabet Quiz 3 – Answers

23 05 2013


Last week I posted up a new Random Alphabet Quiz. Well here are the answers to that Quiz.

  1. A Japanese Animation Film by Katsuhiro Otomo? = Akira
  2. The Name of a Batman Villain that appears in The Dark Knight Rises? = Bane
  3. A British Actor who had appeared in 199 films by the end of 2012? = Christopher Lee
  4. The first James Bond film? = Dr. No
  5. The capital city of Scotland? = Edinburgh
  6. An American Fantasy artist who has been inducted into both Jack Kirby Hall of Fame and the Will Eisner Comic Book Hall of Fame? = Frank Frazetta
  7. The first book in a series of six by young adult author Michael Grant? = Gone
  8. A 2011 Japanese Remake by Takashi Miike based on a film of the same name by Masaki Kobayashi? = Hara-Kiri: Death of a Samurai
  9. The American name for Quantic Dreams 2005 video game Fahrenheit? = Indigo Prophecy
  10. A Legendary Stand-up comedian from Birmingham? = Jasper Carrott
  11. A 2005 Japanese Video Game by Suda 51? = Killer7
  12. A Car Company that produced the Stratos? = Lancia
  13. An extinct species of Mammal related to Elephants? = Mastodon
  14. The source of this river was recently discovered by the Top Gear Trio? = Nile
  15. A game involving plastic body parts and electricity? = Operation
  16. A British Artist whose work includes paintings of Dragons, Unicorns and Stonehenge? = Peter Pracownik
  17. A Fantastic Dice Game by WizKids Games? = Quarriors!
  18. A 1987 Sci-Fi film by Paul Verhoeven? = RoboCop
  19. One of the three starters in the first 151 Pokémon? = Squirtle
  20. A Marvel Character that appears in The Avengers? = Thor
  21. A Swiss global financial services company located in Zurich and Basel? = UBS
  22. A Graphic Novel by Alan Moore? = V For Vendetta
  23. The surname of the Scottish Inventor and Engineer who developed the concept of Horsepower? = Watt
  24. Microsoft’s current Home Video Game Console? = Xbox 360
  25. A popular video sharing website? = YouTube
  26. A system of postal codes used by the United States Postal Service? = ZIP Codes

How many did you get right?




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